Friday, October 23, 2020

Vos' Legislative Dictatorship


Robin Vos has betrayed our Republics, that of Wisconsin and of the United States of America and he must go. In 2011, he and his so-called Republican co-conspirators imposed a legislative dictatorship on the people of Wisconsin for a decade. Through grotesque gerrymandering, Vos has destroyed representative democracy in the Badgered State, inflicting one-party rule Vlad Lenin would have been proud of, that need not heed the will of We the People.

In both 2012 and 2018, the GOP retained a strong grip on both the state legislature and our congressional delegation despite losing the overall vote to Democrats. It’s estimated that in this tightly split purple state, Democrats would need to get at least 57% of our votes to have even a small chance of winning control. Gavel in and out Vos knows this and therefore, feels no need to act for our welfare or be responsive to the will of the electorate.

Founder John Adams said that the representative assembly “should be in miniature, an exact portrait of the people at large”. If the founders had meant for the people to have a say in their representation only every ten years, they would have prescribed that elections be held only once a decade. Through his self-serving and power worshiping authoritarian actions, Vos has broken faith with the people of Wisconsin and the very foundation of our state, our country and our democracy and should be relegated to the trash bin of history. Vote Joel Jacobsen November 3rd!

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