Thursday, March 17, 2016

Go "CLICK" Yourself!

So it's no longer just an inference, Berning "Liberals" are now LITERALLY sharing GOPster talking points about Dems. What's next, accusations of SOSHULIST from the the Hillarites!? Unfortunately, recent experience tells me Yes. Serously people? Dennis Miller? Couldn't you at least find someone who is a comedian who could make your point with a scrap of satire and a hint of humor? This guy hasn't said anything remotely funny since it was written on a cue card for him to read in gthe last millenium! This clown (oops wrong word, clowns can be funny) is only still somebody because the Republicons think they have a comic on their side. As ussual, they're half right, he IS on their side. So are you really going to tool yourself out to carry his GOPollution for him through the Facefook Click-n-Share mode of prefab Gandabyte dissemination, passing his his sorry @$$oul shtuff around the interwebs? What do you suppose his goal is? Stay home, don't vote. Or perhaps, Trump or Cruz, come on in the koolaid's fine! If you're going to be a tool for spreading GOPropaganda, at least make it fun. Go find a GOPundit spreading the GOPsel with creativity, cleverness and humor! . . . Oh . . . right . . . there isn't one. So I have this to "Share". Put your thumb out, put your finger to your temple and go . . . "CLICK" yourself!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Abby Normal for President!

Republicons who are upset by Trump, but have been listening to AM Hate Radio, mainlining the FuxSnooze cable or, more recently, playing the Gandabyte Click'n-Share Facefook game have no one but themselves and their cynical propaganda promoting party leaders to blame. The Trumpenstein Monster with its Abby Normal brain is only saying out loud on the presidential campaign trail before the nation and the world what has been insinuated between the lines by the GOPropagandists for more than two decades now, ever since Rush "El Snortbo" Limbaugh and the cacophony of his copy-cat cohort have been polluting the public airwaves. And THAT is what's pissing off the Republicon Establishment about the monster of their own creation. It's not his racism or his mysogynistic disrespect for women that has them upset. It's not the painting of muslims as evil America haters who need to be banned and put on a black list, his ludicrous threat to round up 11 million people in the middle of the night and deport them, his support for torture or his saber rattling. It's certainly not his blatantly bigoted Obama Birther BS that bothers them, they were quietly bolstered by that. It's that he expresses all of these horrible values right out loud instead of using the GOPster approved dog-whistle code language to encourage the very same values without coming right out and saying it, which would thankfully be considered impolite in the America of today. GOPocrites! Any good American should know that propaganda has no place in our democracy. That kind of garbage is for fascist and communist totalitarian regimes, not decent republics. But the Republicon establishment has whole-heartedly embraced the use of propaganda and has been using it's manipulative powers to dumb down and whip up their base for years and the chickens with their heads off are coming home to roost! They have mettled with the primal forces of demogoguery and they will Atone! Now this definitely falls into the be careful what you wish for catagory. But I'm rooting for the Trumpenstein Monster to win the GOP nomination and then, in a mindless rage, in keeping with his partuclar idium, turn and strangle his would-be masters, today's repugnant republicon party. Maybe something decent will once again rise from it's ashes. As for those Republicons who are not upset, but rather in authoritarian awe of the towering Trumpenstein and his 4th grade level blowhard cult of personality, for now all I can do is shake my head in dismayed amusement at these people who are supposed to be my fellow Americans, have every right to be angry, but no real clue about why and at who.

Monday, March 14, 2016

What if Someone Did this to You?

What would you say if someone did this to a company you owned or worked at?

Suppose a powerful company that your company provides goods or services to comes to you and says "we're not prepared to pay the prices you've been charging anymore. We're going to pay you $X,XXX.xx per unit." You look at their figure and reply "that's below my cost of production. The cost of the building that houses my operations, the energy required to keeps things going, the transportation costs, the necessary materials all add up to more than that, how am I supposed to do that?"

Them: "We don't care, that's what we're willing to pay, make up the difference from your other customers."

You: "That's unfair and unsustainable!

Them: "If you don't like it we'll get somebody else."

Wouldn't you be outraged? Yes! Who would consider that to be an ethical business practice? Nobody! If people of goodwill heard about a business operating that way, wouldn't they be aghast and upset? Of course!

So why is it O.K. in America for Deadbeat Companies to do that to real people by not paying a living wage and/or denying full time work so that healthcare and other benefits can be withheld and then forcing taxpayers to pickup the tab because the situation for these workers and their families is unsustainable?

It's not O.K. And if this is what constitutes "Family Values" in America, we're in deep trouble both morally and economically and it's going to get much deeper.

And this is another subject all together, but another thing that is totally outrageous is that some of these big corporations take the "profits" that they earn in this way off shore so they don't have to pay taxes in America for work that was done in America. Then they come back later and buy treasury bills, because it's the safest investment in the world, and that means that poor saps like us, who Don't get the write the tax code are paying them interest on their tax free "investment". @$$ouls!

This oligarchy is so @$#%ed up in so many ways!

Your's Truly,

Thursday, March 10, 2016

America - A Failing Society

Is a $0.80 cheaper Big Mac worth the price of living in the failed society we are creating here in America?

Fast food workers in Denmark make at least $20 an hour. If you want people to support themselves (and who doesn't?), you have to pay them a living wage. It's really not complicated math.

If a business can't pay workers enough for them to meet their needs, then it's really not a viable business model. It's a Dead Beat Business and it should cease to exist rather than allowing the owners and customers to continue to benefit from the misery and degradation of the workers, their families and their neighborhoods and to continue to outsource the costs to taxpayers and society in the form of public assistance and social instability.

EXCERPT: “We have to acknowledge it’s more expensive to operate,” said Mr. Drescher. “But we can still make money out of it — and McDonald’s does, too. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be in Denmark.”

He noted proudly that a full-time Burger King employee made enough to live on. “The company doesn’t get as much profit, but the profit is shared a little differently,” he said.

“We don’t want there to be a big difference between the richest and poorest, because poor people would just get really poor,” Mr. Drescher added. “We don’t want people living on the streets. If that happens, we consider that we as a society have failed.” END

Alexis de Tocqueville said “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

Can a system of national "moral values" that condones allowing people to work full time and not be able to meet the basic needs for themselves and their families be considered good? Great? Successful? Or are we just being conned?

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Pall Ryand to Trumpenstein --

-- How dare you deploy blatant racism!? Don't you KKKnow that this supporting GOPlatform plank must be covered by a thin vaneer at all times?

On Stuper Tuesday, Pall Ryand again witnessing the self created peril today's Republicon Party is in (due to The Donald's blatant racism, not the subtle, thinly veiled GOP approved variety), once more lashed out at their Trumpenstein Monster, though he dared not speak its name; “If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party, there can be no evasion and no games. They must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. This party does not prey on people’s prejudices. We appeal to their highest ideals. This is the party of Lincoln.”

Well there goes Lyin' Ryan. All five of those sentences in his plea for mercy from the object of their creation are blatant lies! "no evasion and no games"? It's their standard operating procedure (GOP-SOP). "Built on bigotry/does not prey on people's prejudices" From Nixon's Southern Strategy to Reagan's Welfare Queen, States Rights mantra to GOPropaganda media tactics and way beyond, it's been a major supporting member of their platform for decades, albeit hidden beneath a thin veneer of what they would call "political correctness" although Americans of goodwill today think of it simply as Polite Decency. "appeal to their highest ideals"? The GOPsters appeal to people's lowest, most negative motives, Fear, Insecurity, Tribalism and Ego (I was born white male and middle class and Depite ALL Odds rose to become white, male and middle class, unlike Those people).

So it's amusing to watch folks like Pall squirm when no matter how empty and ludicrous his pontifications are the Republicon Cult-of-Personality, Authoritarian Worshipping Base they've created still cries "Mein Trumpf!

Republicons, you have mettled with the primal forces of democracy! And you . . . will . . . atone.