Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pucker Power!

Gubnah Wanker is very good at ignoring the people and keeping his composure during his speakifyin. I wonder how he'd do if 30 seconds in, the people whipped out lemon wedges and started licking and biting them.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fascist American Legislative Exchange Council - FALEC

Fascism has come to Wisconsin in the form of Scott Walker and his radical Republicon minions all of whom are members of the Fascist American Legislative Exchange Council - FALEC. A party of complete DICKs!

When Benito Mussolini founded Fascism in Italy, he replaced the representatives of the people in the parliament of the former republic with representatives of the largest corporations in the country to form a corporate dictatorship and proclaimed that "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power". By the time he got done screwing his country, the people cut off his parts, stuffed them in his mouth and and hung him upsidedown from a gas station roof by a meat hook where his body was stoned by the public. A fitting end for a tyrant.

What has come to light in Wiscossissippi is that the entire hidden (until now) agenda of the Fitzwalkerstanis is not that of the citizens of Wisconsin, but rather that of a secretive corporately run organization determined to take power away from ordinary people and enact laws favorable to the mega-global-corporations that pay for the crafting of FALEC legislation that it's Republicon members are sworn to push through in states across America. For an excellent discussion of how the entire Walker/Republicon agenda in Wisconsin (as well as MI, OH, IN, NJ, AZ, etc.) is FALECally derived and a list of Wisconsin's fascists check out this article from PR Watch: http://www.prwatch.org/news/2011/07/10880/alec-bills-wisconsin

For a broad based exposure of FALEC from the Center for Media and Democracy see: http://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed

Fascist Robin Vos is the FALEC Wisconsin Chairman and a DICK. But Wiscossissippistan also has a Corporate Co-chair whose identity is kept secret, who is no doubt also a DICK. This is NOT Democracy, This is NOT informed consent of the citizenry envisioned by our founders. This is a traitorous betrayal of the very notion of America! THIS IS FASCISM!

Democracy My A$$!

Yours Truly


PS: Below is a list of the FALEC fuckings of Wisconsin:
-Attacking Abortion & Women's Rights
-Tort Deform
-Telecom Reregulation
-Voter Supression
-Elimination of Public Campaign Financing
-Defunding Unions & Attacking Collective Bargaining
-Wage Supression & a Race to the Bottom
-School Privatization
-Corporate Welfare
-Pension Fund Priavatization
-Private Prisons
-Predatory Lending
-Road Builder Protection
-Insurance Industry Protection
-Racial Profiling & Immigrant Harrassment
-Concealed Carry
-Making it Harder to Raise Government Revenue

Friday, July 15, 2011

Time for Action!

From BAPster Peter Endemann:

We are in need of canvasers for our Sen. Robert Wirch this Saturday. If interested please either email me or call me at (262)767-0087, canvassers will meet at our house right by Cooper school, call/email for address, we are supplied with all the information & packets you will need from the WI Democrat Party & Steven from the party will also be here if you have any questions. We start at 11:00 & it only takes a couple hours of your time & it is something that you can do that will make a difference right in our own town.....only 4 weeks left before the election!


Bless His Noodley Appendages!

In Austria one of the strangest fights for religious freedom has come to an end: Niko Alm, a self-described "Pastafarian," fought for three years for the right to wear a pasta strainer on his head in his driver's license photo.

His argument? Alm claimed he belonged to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and wearing the strainer was part of his religion. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2011/07/13/137824732/austrian-man-wins-right-to-wear-pasta-strainer-in-license-photo?sc=fb&cc=fp

Monday, July 11, 2011

Let's Give Wanker a Hot Reception

Gov. Walker will be in Racine next Tuesday, July 12 -- to speak at 3:00 p.m. at the centenial celebration of the WI technical college system. The event is being held at Gateway Technical College’s Racine campus, 1001 South Main Street, Racine. The program is scheduled to take place OUTSIDE in the grassy area facing Main Street.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wanker's Budget is an Assault Wrapped Lies

The linked piece does a good job of documenting 5 lies that surround the Wanker budget: http://bdgrdemocracy.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/the-big-five-lies-in-the-walker-budget-in-his-own-words/

See the piece for a summary of the details but the lies are:
1) The budget isn't biult on tax increases
2) The budget isn't built on accounting gimmicks
3) Our children and grandchildren aren't saddled with mountains of debt (Part 1-tax give aways to the corps)
4) Our children and grandchildren aren't saddled with mountains of debt (Part 2-Kicking the debt service can down the road)
5) The budget balances and eliminates the deficit

To which I would add another lie.

6) The budget will help create jobs: http://host.madison.com/ct/business/biz_beat/article_bbc41e88-388c-11e0-87d9-001cc4c002e0.html


Projections range from 9,000 to 21,000 private sector jobs will be lost due to Wanker's budget.

Wisconsin is open for the business.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011




Lake Geneva, Wis. (June 29, 2011) – Interested in electric vehicles? Want to know more about cost saving lighting options, alternative energy choices and conservation landscaping? These topics and many more will be presented at the second annual EcoFair360, coming July 8-10 to the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, Wis., just eight miles from beautiful Lake Geneva.

With 200+ exhibitors, speakers and demonstrations, each day will offer a variety of learning and exploring opportunities.

Opening day, Friday, July 8
State Senator Neal Kedzie, R-Elkhorn, chairman of the Wisconsin Natural Resources and Environment Committee, will speak at 4 p.m., addressing legislative issues related to the environment and its impact on the community.

Every day of the Fair will offer a green buffet of choices; there will be solar, wind and geothermal exhibits, information on eco-friendly cleaning solutions and alternative health choices. Visitors can see alternative fuel vehicles on display, learn how to install LED outdoor lighting on patios and outbuildings, find handcrafted outdoor furniture built from sustainable and recycled materials, and much more.

There will be a daily assortment of presentations on a variety of topics, plus a special daily focus area:

• Friday, July 8: “Greening our economy: making sense (and dollars) of green.”
Learn how to develop a sustainable plan for your community. Discover how investing in green can save money, while helping the environment. Presentations on everything from conservation landscaping to how to create a sustainable community and earn ‘green points’ for free solar, wind or electric car charging stations at the same time.

• Saturday, July 9: “Greening our land and homes: alternative energy and smart building.”
Rural landowners can start the day off with donuts and coffee as they listen to four hours of presentations tailored specifically to their needs; Making solar Energy profitable for farmers, Future of biogas on Wisconsin farms—making anaerobic digesters possible, Cover crops as a conservation method, Wind Turbines and Farms, and more throughout the day.

Homeowners will find information on a variety of topics covering everything from how to save money by building an energy efficient home or retro fitting your current residence to green laundry options and how to minimize the clutter in your home and life.

• Sunday, July 10: “Greening our table: smart local choices in produce and meats.”
From cooking demonstrations with local produce to getting your kids to eat right, attendees will learn the pleasures of eating with local, seasonal food. Chef Rick Starr from Kirsch’s Restaurant will do a cooking demonstration, using local produce and teaching attendees how to organize a pantry for best results. Charles Crave of Crave Brothers Farm and Farmstead Cheese will talk about the value of artesian cheese production, and Wendy Staller of Staller Estate Vineyard and Winery will speak about local wine making as well.

The Kids Zone will provide children with activities throughout the day.

• Friday – The Science Alliance will present “WorldWorks!,” an environmental program, entertaining children on the issues of recycling, composting, the water cycle and acid rain through the use of visual demonstrations and active participation.

• Saturday – Seno Woodland Education Center offers a variety of one-hour based activities, centering around recycled paper, pond peeking, Wild Life in Learning Design (Project WILD), and Learning Tree Activities.
• Sunday – Tim Glander, of Walworth County’s Public Education program will present ‘Trash Time, the Magic of Going Green.’
• “The Comfy Chair” will provide children with a place to gather round and listen to stories with Sara Soukup, hear the music of Joe Fred and participate in Reader’s Theatre with Chris Brookes.

EcoFair360 Film Festival
Films will be shown in a unique structure, built specifically for this year’s Fair – a 16' diameter geodesic dome equipped with a home theater system; designed, built and donated by Bill Sokoloskis of AV Systems.

The screenings will include:
• Friday – Green Fire; Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for our Time
• Saturday – Dirt, A Story with Heart and Soil
• Sunday – How to Boil a Frog; Make friends, Make fun, Make trouble.

E85 Flex Fuel Special
The American Lung Association has a special EcoFair360 offer for Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV). From 4-6pm on Friday, July 8, FFV’s can help the clean air efforts by purchasing E85 for $0.85 a gallon at Daniels Sentry Foods, 681 Kenosha St. Walworth, WI. Customers will receive a free parking pass for EcoFair360 when they take advantage of the E85 promotion. The American Lung Association will also be on hand at the Fair to provide information and answer questions on the clean air benefits of using E85.

Eco-Vision Sustainable Learning Center

EcoFair360 is brought to you by Eco-Vision SLC, a Wisconsin Not-for-Profit corporation, promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable living through education and demonstration. Their goals are to promote and develop scalable solutions for renewable energy and sustainable development, support renewable energy projects though the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and as a community, find new ways and build new models to make renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable living an integral part of American life.


Wen-D Kersten
Eco-Vision Sustainable Learning Center

Catherine McQueen
Eco-Vision Sustainable Learning Center