Friday, February 15, 2019

Impeach THE National Emergency!

Enough is Enough!

The response of the Democratic controlled House of Representatives to Donald Trump Declaring a Fake National Emergency should be to immediately move to begin impeachment proceedings for his misuse of presidential authority!

Impeachment proceedings should be started TODAY, the same day that Trump commits this new atrocity on our Republic. If the Democrats don't use the authority handed to them by the American People last fall in the face of this outrage, they are not doing their jobs and they don't deserve to keep them!

I have been of the opinion that we needed to wait until Robert Mueller finished his job and issued his report. I Was WRONG! Besides, we may never see Mueller's report.

Please read the article linked here by Yoni Appelbaum in the latest issue of the Atlantic Monthly - Impeach Donald Trump.

The author lays out a rock solid case for why the constitutional solution the founders gave us needs to be enacted NOW! It's a long, deliberative process, which is why it needs to begin right away. In short, starting the impeachment process will do three things:

1) Set up congressional committees and investigations into all of the suspicious activities that surround Trump and his circle with the power to subpoena witnesses and documents, hold public hearings and bring disinfecting sunlight  to the Trumpian realm.

2) Force Trump and all his inner circle to lawyer up and focus their full attention on defending themselves and their actions and away from their disgusting, un-American agenda. Remember when the Fellowship of the Ring attacked Mordor drawing Sauron's full attention away from his goal of finding the one ring? Yeah, Like That!

3) Grab the news agenda away from Trump the Twit and his ability to thumb-twist the news cycle craft the narrative and deflect attention to suit his self-serving needs.

Declaring a National Emergency to raid funds appropriated by Congress for other purpose to build a monument to himself, based on a stupid campaign promise, that Mexico was supposed to pay for, Not Us, is BRIDGE TOO FAR!

Our Republic Cannot allow him to get away with this! Please read the article and then take what action seems best to you!