Monday, July 06, 2009

Waterford Solidifies Status as Racine Co.'s Reactionary Refuge

Waterford took a great pains on Saturday to solidify it's status as Racine County's refuge for reactionary wingnuts. As we ussually do on the 4th, we went to our friend's house in Waterford to watch the parade. It's typically a nice little parade, a few too many trucks one can see on any road any day of the year and not enough marching bands pounding out John Phillip Souza, but nice nonetheless. But this year I was aghast to see a pickup truck in the parade flying too large confederate flags. I stood and booed.

What kind of moron thinks that the stars and bars has any place in a parade celebrating the 233rd anniversary of the declaration of independence of our nation!? What official approved of the moron's entry into the parade? I sat back down and thought the whole thing was some kind of a fluke when another big confederate flag goes by. I stood and booed again.

I was so taken a back by this display of drool that I didn't even notice the groups or businesses that were advertizing themselves in this disgusting way.

Let us recall that Waterford is the town where last year a minority student, a wonderful young man by the way, who grew up in the area was driven out Waterford High School by repeated racist harassment by other students that went largely unchecked by the administration. It is also Waterford where I was shocked to hear a grandmotherly woman tell Paul Ryan to bomb all those sandnigger's in the middle-east. What's it gonna be next year Waterford, the imperial dra-goon of the ku klux fux leading the grand march?

Let us also remember the this is WISCONSIN, you know the north, the Union, the side of right and the side that won the civil war thank God and put an end to the attrocity of slavery that that pathetic flag stands for. To parade this symbol of racism and national division down Main Street on the Fourth of July was absolutely repugnant and totally inappropriate.

Unfortunately, despite (perhaps because of) the fact that we've elected a black president this sort of small mindedness still comes out of the wood work. We have a country where people have a right to this sort of rednecked bigotry and ignorance. But that doesn't mean we have to let them put it on public display while celebrating our nation's birthday. Shame be upon you Waterford!