Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sounding of the Last Trump? -The Donald as Commander-In-Chief!!

Trump Wants You to Hand Him the Button!
Donald Trump is Far More Dangerous than I had ever imagined!

David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and investigative reporter has known Trump personally for 30 years and has written a new book about Donald, who he is, what he's done and who his allies are. There is NO WAY this vindictive man, who's personal motto is "Get revenge" should be commander-in-chief of America's Military.

The mainstream media has fallen down on their responsibility to inform the American people about who Donald Trump really is!

Trump has no emapthy or compassion for anyone, having cut off his own medically fragile infant nephew from healthcare over a family dispute.

Trump is a hypocrite having imported illegal polish immigrants to demolish a building for slave wages under harsh and unsafe working conditions then tried stiff for their wages, which is Trump Standard Operating Procedure.

Trump is not a successful businesman, but a fraud and a con man. His "university" was a complete scam and he has made a career of ripping off small businesses workers who provided him goods and services.

He has ties to the New York Mob, latin American drug dealers and the russian mafia.

There's SO much more. Anyone who is unwilling to consider the information provided by Mr. Johnston doesn't need Trump to build another wall, there's already one between one's mind and the truth. On the other hand, knowing this information and still voting for Trump would be one of the most irresponsible things for our country and our planet that a person could ever do!