Friday, June 10, 2016

WWWalker Backs Off Corporatization of Badgered State Seniors! (for now)

She sure looks scared. She SHOULD BE!

Today the Wrong Way Walker Mis-Administration backed off the for-profit takeover of the Badgered State's senior citizens. In a surprise move this morning WWWalker's DHS Secretary Kitty Rhoades informed rulemakers in the WMC legislature that proposed changes to Wiscossippi's long-term care program were being withdrawn.

Da Gubnah in fealty to his profiteering corporatist overlords inserted this change into the budget last year. This particular scheme would have eliminated a highly successful and popular program serving 55,000 disabled and frail elderly in the once great great state of Wisconsin, who are eligible and have long-term care needs. The program helps those served remain in the community and avoid institutionalization. They get to hire, train and fire their own care providers, people who may perform personal care and hygiene services, cooking, cleaning, nursing. This gives them the freedom and choice (things Republicons purport to believe in) to manage their own lives and in many cases to hold jobs! But don't take my word for it, consider the opinion of an expert in the field.

So this development begs the question; why did the money god worshipper Scooter put the interests of our senior and disabled citizens and neighbors over those of his feudal lords? It is certainly NOT because he's had a Road to Damascus Revelation that he should do the right for the most vulnerable among us or that he suddenly cares about the People of Wisconsin. He cares only about one person, Scott Walker and his power-lust. It's time to use our right-to-know law and submit a freedom of Information request (the system his "Majesty" and little lord Robin of Vos tried to destroy last summer, earning the Coveted BAP Forked Tongue & Fangs Award) and find out what's Really Going Round in WWWalker's Gearbox!