Monday, July 30, 2012

Snakeskinned Cowboy Wins BAP's Forked Tongue & Fangs Award!

I'm not a fan of Tommy Thompson, but I never thought he was stupid or hateful. I guess he's got to burnish his Tea Swiller creds.

At a recent Sturtevant fundraiser for Tommy Thompson's senate campaign Right-Wing-Nut-Job Ted Nugent and favorite son of the BLOODY NRA called President Obama a "Chicago gangster." As is typical of Nugent and other RWNJs he has no basis in fact or reasoned argument that he can bring to bear to support his ludicrous claim. But then those kinds of attibutes matter little to the simple-minded TPz who are easily swayed by such fear & loathing.

Of course a little baseless nonsense is never enough, so the Snake-Skinned-Cowboy went on to say; "We are on the fast track toward the end of the American dream with this corrupt, power-abusing criminal gang in the White House right now. These are bad people." Of course Ted has no specifics to support these claims either. Maybe this dick should change his name Van Haten and have his own TV series, Hate Is Enough!
Ted then went off to soil the Racine County Fair’s 90th anniversary. People who say things like: “Obama’s a piece of shit, and I told him to suck on my machine gun.” should not be given a stage to spew their hatred anywhere, let alone our fair.

He’s a Deadbeat Dad, has been married twice, had children out of wedlock and became the legal guardian of a 17 year old because she was too young legally marry him. And this man is in no way a sportsman as he has been twice convicted of illegal hunting.

He also said: “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” He’s either an ignorant blowhard or a dangerous traitor. I suspect the former, but either way this man does not represent anything that’s good or wholesome and should never have been invited to bring his creepiness the Racine County Fair! Whose depraved idea was that anyway?

Ted the Dredge is such a prolific spewer of venomous hate that not only is he the latest winner of the Burlington Area Progressives Forked Tongue & Fangs Award, this Snake in the Grass is among the top contenders for the coveted Reptilian Republicon Life Time Achievement Award!

WRWNJCT No. 17.6D Drones Will Take Your Guns!

So what's the latest Whacky-Right-Wing-Nut-Job-Conspiracy-Theory? Drones are going to take away your guns! At least according to Soapbox Jill over at "Real" Debate Wisconsin:
SBJ: "I hate to drone on about this, but is anybody else paying attention? How can this be allowed?

Surveillance drones have a new mission. According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) they will be used for “public safety”. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the DHS, told a House Committee meeting on Homeland Security that the more than 30,000 drones that will be deployed into American skies are just arbitrarily watching out for US citizens.

Hey, all that new-fangled surveillance just might be useful in the coming efforts to remove the types of weapons from law-abiding citizens that would allow them to protect themselves from, well, a run-away govenment. The chess pieces are being moved into place, some taking to the sky. Paranoia? Justified concern?"

Funny thing is that if you follow the "Surveilance Drones" link it takes you to well known conspiracy nut Alex Jone's Infowars website which of course feeds the fear with the following headline: "DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment".

However, if you follow the link about what Napolitano supposedly said from there you come the website called Nextgov, which I know little about. But what you'll find there is that NOWHERE in the article does it reference anything about 30,000 drones, let alone that many being deployed by the Department of Homeland Scrutiny. Instead Napolitano is responding to criticism from members of Congress that DHS is not involved ENOUGH in the setting air traffic control rules which fall under the jurisdiction of the FAA.

Once again we find that Alex Jones has no credibility, but if you're a RWNJ and it suits your fear-based agenda, you'll believe ANYTHING and take it at face value. Now I'm no fan of DHS and yes "justified concern" is warranted, but the TPz will always opt for paranoia. What I find amazing is that they didn't bring up the citizen internment camps that are supposedly being constructed all over America to confine us all. Come on people, let's no leave any of the good scary shtuff out!

The article goes on to point out that the Federal Protective Service (FPS) has been given the responsibility to protecting federally owned property while preparing for civilian led riots expected in the near future. Part of the preparatory measures was an order of 150 sets of riot gear that was requested to be filled exponentially – within 15 days. Ooooooooo 150, talk about your major mobilization! And don't ask me what an "exponentially filled" order is.

Then of course we leap to the guns! Wayne LaPierre, vice president of the BLOODY NRA, has called out Obama as being part of “conspiracy to ensure re-election by lulling gun owners to sleep. All that first term, lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term.”

Be afraid afraid of the dark man in the oval office, be very afraid. And keep buyin them guns ya'll, the fear profiteers are smilin all the way to the bank!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Billionaire - "Middle Class are the Job Creators, Not the Rich"

I've been saying this for some time to counter the self-serving GOPropaganda byte "Job Creator" nonsense, but when this guy says he and his rich cohort should pay more taxes and that he and all of us would benefit from that, he's got a lot of credibility. Not to mention some cool and very revealing graphics!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

TPz See Obamacare as Vast Chip Dip Conspiracy!

The Tea Swilling Wingnut Whachidoodles on the extreme right are all a flutter with wild conspiracy theories from the completely implausible perennial vast left-wing vote fraud conspiracies run by undetectible supergeniouses, to the UN wants to take you guns, to climate change is a global conspiracy to grab future control and profits, but the denial industry has nothing to do with existing control and profits by the fossil profiteers. But this one may JUST have some merit. Obamacare has a secret plan to insert an RFID chip into every American!

Some would say the panel required by the Affordable Care Act to approve medial devices is designed to make sure that costs are not incurred for prosthetics and other devices that don't work or are medically unnecessary. But not our brethren in the TP! It's secret plan by big brother "the Emperor" to watch your every move!

But don't let me sway you. You can read about this scary, diabolical plan by the dark man in the Oval Office yourself, right here:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ban Weapons of Mass Murder . . . AGAIN!

When will we outlaw weapons of mass murder like the AR-15 and the high capacity magazine used by the mass murderer du jour in Aurora CO? Oh yeah, we already did it was called the Assault Weapons Ban, but the Republicons gleefully let it expire in 2004 as required by their puppet masters, the NRA.

I'm not against people having guns, but high powered, highly concealable guns with high capacity, easily interchangeable magazine clips that allowed the Virginia Tech mass murderer to spray 170 rounds in 5 minutes are not weapons of sport or self-defense. The only thing they are good for is mass murder, no one needs one and no one should have one, let alone four!

For crying out loud, give us a chance, at least make'em have to RELOAD!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Forked Tongue & Fangs Award

Welcome to the first ever Forked Tongue & Fangs award, given Tea Swillers who go above and beyond in the regurgitating hateful and vile Cult of Con dreck and GOPropaganda.

Today's runner up is someone who calls himself Young Pa who, I suppose, should at least be given credit for the wise choice of using a pseudonym, thus avoiding the embarrassment that would otherwise befall him and his family. You can find his venomous vitriol at under the July 9, 2012 Article Ketterhagen Censured by School Board.

Young Pa: "This is the typical intolerance of the radical left. Ripoff the children for years with their misuse of public money then cry and villify. The public was disgusted when they learned of this and provided the ultimate censure by voting out this legalized graft, arrogance, and incompetence.

Now they want to silence a dissenting opinion. Why? They are afraid of the truth and facts that are derailing their gravy train they have ridden over the kids for years.

We welcome those opinions and snarky invective that is a hallmark of the radical left represented by WEAC and their pawns in administration and the School Board. It’s open and free debate an arena in which their self serving ideas fail over and over again. They cannot compete in that market so they have to shut it down through invented stories in a radical left paper.

Don’t fall for it; look at the facts. They raise taxes and layoff good teachers to keep their bloated pay and benefits to the detriment of the kids that ultimately pay for it with a heavy debt load. In the last three years the District has been bailed out twice with federal money, heaped huge tax increases out of line with the rest of the State of Wisconsin upon its residents, and has failed to promote good administration and innovative learning practices.

These are the last cries and blusters of a system strangling good teachers and the kids who pay for them. Don’t be fooled by all the noise of a sinking ship of diseased rats (like that metaphor union thugs who pray on children?). Get our fiscal house in order by continuing to vote out those who don’t work at being on the Board – but just slap the back of their union buddies and administrators – living it up on the backs of kids.

All this noise is a sign good days are ahead for those kids and the good teachers who have a dream to further their lives instead of living off of them, if we simply persevere and continue on a common sense and just path.

Spend time with your kids and instill discpline and morals that will help the professional teachers do their jobs and continue to set a good example that counteracts the thuggery they have to deal with from their union masters and administration puppets."

How's that for a shrill whistling teapot? Oh yeah FEEL the HATE! I could deconstruct the misinformation, lies and mistakes contained in the ravings above, but that would take a very very long time and I have faith in the intelligence of most readers to see that for themselves.

And now it's time to recoil at an excerpt of the fork-tongued hissings of today's BIG WINNER, Don Vande Sand who apparently blew a gasket at AARP for the audacity of offering to communicate to it's members in Spanish!

Don Vande Sand: "Your web site generously offers us the opportunity to receive all communication in Spanish. ARE YOU KIDDING??? The illegal perpetrators have broken into our 'house', invaded our home without invitation or consent. The President insists we keep these illegal perpetrators in comfort and learn the perpetrator's language so we can communicate our reluctant welcome to them. I DON'T choose to welcome them, to support them, to educate them, to medicate them, or to pay for their food or clothing. American home invaders get arrested. Please explain to me why foreign lawbreakers can enjoy privileges on American soil that Americans do not get? Why do some immigrants have to play the game to be welcomed and others only have to break and enter to be welcomed?"

Well! There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch!

Vande Sand, who won the Humanitarian of the Year in January 2011 for his work with the Burlington Historical Society should be more than aware of the very strong abolitionist movement in southeastern Wisconsin generally, and Burlington specifically. And as such he should NOT scapegoat and condemn whole groups of people just because of their race, their culture or their language. You'd think he'd learn a little from the history he studies and grasp the situation that some of these people find themselves in, victims to what in a lot of ways amounts to modern slavery because of events way beyond their control like NAFTA. Yes, NAFTA which flooded their country with cheap American corn (previously an illegal import) and that destroyed their livelihoods and drove them off their land into the cities. Many of them reluctantly came here so they could continue feed their families, something they apparently feel is important for some reason. 

And our corporations and businesses (and I believe our government, especially Republicons, shhhhh) have welcomed them here with open arms because they drive down the cost of labor, undermine unions and provide workers who are willing to put up with all manner of abuse because they're too afraid to complain. And on top of all that misfortune they have to put up with "humanitarians" like Mr. Vande Sand.

Perhaps the Historical Society should consider whether association with this person is fitting for their organization. The Rotary Club should definitely take back their humanitarian award from this Teapot on the boil!

Congratulation Don Vande Sand, for winning BAP's Forked Tongue & Fangs Award, or perhaps I should say - la Lengua Bífida y Adjudicación Colmillos!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Plutannosaurus Rex!

What Me Worry?

Apparently, the ironically named Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson is an A$$hole. In fact after hearing him quoted on NPR recently, my reaction was that he's got to be one of the pre-eminent A$$holes on the scene today. While he deserves some credit for moving his company from a staunch supporter of climate science denial to admitting that human produced carbon emissions are changing the world's climate, he's still putting greed first and signaling full steam ahead on us all burning more and more of his company's products. Damn the torpedos!

"Changes to weather patterns that move crop production areas around -- we'll adapt to that. It's an engineering problem and it has engineering solutions," Tillerson said in a presentation to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Adapt? Tell that to the the people of Bangladesh who live in a cyclone prone delta flood plain that is only a few inches to a few feet above a rising sea level. What's the "engineering solution" to that?They're not going to get a chance to adapt, they're going to die! Tell that to the people of the Maldives Island nation in the Indian Ocean. They're country will be permanently and completely under water. Is this the new face of social darwinism?

The man at the tiller said, "The fear factor that people want to throw out there to say 'We just have to stop this,' I do not accept."

Fear? Of course! Why would anyone in a low lying coastal plain fear a rising tide? Why would anyone surviving on barely arable land fear an expanding desert? Why would anyone dependent on glacial melt water for drinking and irrigating their crops fear the permanent and complete melting of the mountian glaciers they've depended on for time immemorial? They'll simply adapt.

No doubt Exxon Mobil is at the forefront of paying for the research and solutions that will allow this adaptation, right? Oh sure. I'm sure this A$$hole is sitting safe in mansion somewhere completely insulated from any possibility of having to "adapt" his elitist lifestyle. And I'm sure his children will be well set up too to weather the storm. Adaptation, that's for little people. As Daffy Duck once said, "Consequences shmonsequences, as long as I'm rich."

Well Rex baby, how about other species besides us? How are they going to adapt? Have you thought about them or are you out of touch with the fact that there are other species on this planet besides you and the grass on your fairway? Are you or your company going to pay to relocate plants and animals across barriers to climate zones more suitable to their evolutionary legacy? Or are they just SOL?

Tillerson said issues such as global poverty were more pressing than climate change, and billions of people without access to energy would benefit from oil and gas supplies. "They'd love to burn fossil fuels because their quality of life would rise immeasurably," How touching, Rexy is concerned about the poor and wants to benefit them by letting them burn his oil and gas. Really? Let's get billions of poor people in China, India and elsewhere burning even more of his ancient fossil product and putting it into today's atmosphere and that will make things better? Well for this A$$hole sitting high and dry in conditioned air behind his guarded gates, I guess the answer is, yes.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Slitherin on the 4th!

Robin of Vos, Barren of Ethics, Traitor to Democracy, Rascal, Scoundrel and Vassal to the Corporate Lords at the feudal American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC) marched in the Waterford Independence Day Parade yesterday in his Tea Party yellow t-shirt waving from the centerline and engaging no one directly, sending his minions out to do that unpleasant task. Jordan Debbink of the WeVoBee TPz tried to hand me a glossy Vossy football schedule before realizing who I was.

I wonder if young Robin, in marching to serve his corprate masters is even vaguely aware that the Boston Tea Party that lead up to our revolution was an anti-corporate event protesting the predatory practices of the British East India Company, probably the largest global corpration of it's time.

I am always amazed at the ability of  fALEC GOPsters like Vos to shamelessly parade themselves before the public like they are full of light and sunshine while pushing hidden agendas from far beyond Wisconsin and stonewalling the citizens here at home on their right to know what their "representatives" are doing on "their behalf". See here: And here: I know I couldn't do it, but then I am not only capable of feeling shame, but also of expressing shame when it's appropriate unlike certain reptilians.

Speaking of reptiles and tea swilling delusions, Dave Craig who is supposed to represent the citizens of Wisconsin's 83rd Assembly District marched with a coiled snake flag draped on his vehicle, pronouncing his love of striking vipers and fang injected venom for all to see. Yup it's true, when I think Republicon I do think Snake-in-the-Grass. Can't help it Republicon = Snake. Only the grass the snakes are writhing in is Astroturf funded by Kochish oligarchs through their democracy thwarting nest of vipers, Americans For Plutocracy (AFP). Just plain disgusting!

The Waterford Parade is a good chance to see old friends who live along the parade route and an excuse to start drinking bloody marys at 10am, but it's little more than trucks-n-tractors these days. But hey, at least there weren't any confederate flags this year. Still, I think I need to get into Racine next year where there's less stench of tea, fewer Snakes-in-the Grass and no Vos-Barren of Ethics and see a real 4th of July celebration parade for a change. I miss those. I want to see a real marching band and, if at all possible, playing Stars and Stripes Forever!