Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BAP Presents Tom Gilding as Fighting Bob La Follette!

MARK JUNE 2nd on your CALENDARS! The Burlington Area Progressives are Proud to Present Tom Gilding as Wisconsin's Great Progressive Hero Fightin Bob La Follette!

Fighting Bob will hold forth from the period appropriate Bandstand at Echo Lake Park, 595 Milwaukee Avenue (Hwy 36) in downtown Burlington. The fun starts at 3:00 and will include live music by Tamara V and original Recall Songs by Jack La Follette, Jacob Merseberger, Yours Truly and anyone with a voice or noise making implement that wants to join in.

After a long day of phone calls and canvassing you'll be thirsty, tired & hungry, so bring your favorite beverage (Beer, Wine, Soda), lawn chairs and a dish/snack. We have the pavillion too with all the picnic tables in case of hot sun or rain. This is going to be fun and inspirational, so let's get a big crowd and show Burlington how Progressive Badgers roll!

Please feel free to print post and distribute widely the attached 8x11 jpeg poster. I have them in pdf and 11x17 and handbill size versions as well.

"Men must be aggressive for what is right if government is to be saved form men who are aggressive for what is wrong." - Robert M. La Follette, Sr.


Thank you for all you do!

(262) 237-4351

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FuxSnooze Makes You Dumb

FuxSnooze, nuff said:

EXCERPT: People who work at Fox News might like to think that they are despised by real journalists only because they are conservative and most journalists are liberal. Anyone who read the admiring obituaries of William F. Buckley Jr. in mainstream and liberal outlets would know that is nonsense. Journalists, both liberals and ones with no ideology in particular, are quite capable of respecting conservative pundits and reporters who deserve their respect.

But Fox does not. The reason is not because it holds a set of values that others may not share. And that is only partially because it claims to be “Fair and Balanced” when it is neither.

Rather, it is because it fails the fundamental test of journalism: are you informing your audience? According to a new study by Farleigh Dickinson University, Fox viewers are the least knowledgeable audience of any outlet, and they know even less about politics and current events than people who watch no news at all.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Deer Hunters to Recall Walker - This is HUGE!

What deer hunters need to know before they vote on June 5th:

EXCERPT:According to Wisconsin’s White-Tailed Deer Trustee Dr. James Kroll, people who call for more public hunting opportunities are “pining for socialism.” He further states, “(Public) Game management is the last bastion of communism.”These are just two insights into the man who has been asked to provide analysis and recommended changes to Wisconsin’s deer management program. Kroll’s insights are from an article entitled “Which Side of the Fence Are You On?” by Joe Nick Patoski for a past edition of Texas Monthly.

If nothing more, the article gives an unabashed look into the mind-set that will be providing the Wisconsin DNR with recommendations on how to change their deer management practices. James Kroll (also known as “Deer Dr.”) was appointed to the Wisconsin “deer czar” position last fall. He was hired by the Department of Administration and instructed to complete a review of the state’s deer management program.

Here’s a sample of the article:

“Game Management,” says James Kroll, driving to his high-fenced, two-hundred-acre spread near Nacogdoches, “is the last bastion of communism.” Kroll, also known as Dr. Deer, is the director of the Forestry Resources Institute of Texas at Stephen F. Austin State University, and the “management” he is referring to is the sort practiced by the State of Texas. The 55-year-old Kroll is the leading light in the field of private deer management as a means to add value to the land. His belief is so absolute that some detractors refer to him as Dr. Dough, implying that his eye is on the bottom line more than on the natural world.

Want to win the WI Recall? Make sure this story goes as wide as humanly possible

Walker's Way is not the Wisconsin Way

Walker is not Wisconsin and that is why he must go. He refuses listen. He won't compromise or negotiate. The day after our Packers won the Super Bowl he told his inner circle that he was going to "drop the bomb", referring to his previously hidden agenda to make scapegoats of our public employees and strip them of their workplace voices. He ruined our victory celebration! That's sneaky. It's impolite. It's authoritarian. And it's not the Wisconsin way.

He single-handedly ignited a political civil war, deeply dividing our purple state, our families, our friends and our neighbors with his “divide and conquer” strategy. We Wisconsinites do not seek to divide our citizens and we certainly do not labor to conquer our neighbors. That is not the Wisconsin way. In Wisconsin we’re not arrogant; we don’t pass with 52% and then act like we got a 100!

This is not about political parties; this is about Wisconsin and who we are. Thirty thousand Wisconsin citizens spent countless hours standing out in the cold to gather the expressed written will of the people to recall Scott Walker as provided by our State Constitution thanks to the legacy of our great progressive Republican leader, Robert "Fighting Bob" Lafollette. I think I can confidently claim that few, if any, of those 30 thousand would have stood for even 30 seconds to recall any other Wisconsin Governor, Republican or Democratic. Simply put, that is not our manner. But Scott Walkers extreme un-Wisconsiness has forced our hand.

The state I love does not willingly suffer authoritarianism. We neither seek to exert authority over our friends and neighbors, nor bow to the false authority of would-be plutocrats who seek to rule us by "virtue" of their extreme wealth and in service only of even more greed. In Wisconsin we are not money-god worshippers. But Scott Walker is not Wisconsin. He is an uncompromising authoritarian and he bows to the false authority of wealth as demonstrated by his fawning on the phone with who he believed to be Oklahoma petro-plutarch David Koch. Alas, that is in keeping with his fundamentalist ideology, which is alien to Wisconsinites.

Walker’s way is not the Wisconsin way. We believe we can run our own affairs here, yet most of the vast sums of money Scott Walker has collected, including for his own criminal defense fund, is from out of state billionaires. That is not the Wisconsin way.

We need to heal our state, so we can get back to our jobs, our families, friends and neighbors. Scott Walker's very Un-Wisconsin extremism has consistently lost jobs and malevolently divided the people of Wisconsin in the name of extreme ideology and party above all, bomb dropping partisanship. Scott Walker hasn’t lived in Wisconsin long enough to understand that “My way or the highway” is not the Wisconsin way, perhaps he never will. Our Constitution provides a remedy for this malignancy. We Badgers need a Scottectomy. And then we need to heal our Wisconsin.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Only Little People Pay Taxes

We owe a debt to Diane Hendricks for fawningly elicting the Divide & Conquer statement out of Walker while practically wanting to give him a fench kiss. But beyond that she is the billionaire posterchild for shillionaire Walker and his fealty to the plutcratic 1% who benefit from a rigged system they've devised and paid for.

Kruella DeHendricks wants to crush unions and working people to feed her greed, because people like her can never get enough. Yet she has $500,000 to throw at Walker to work her will on the people of Wisconsin. And on top of it all her corporate personhood, the ABC Supply company pays no taxes to support the system that acts as its host and from which it extracts its profits. In nature, such a creature is called a parasite:

I guess not much has changed since Leona Helmsley said "Only little people pay taxes". Except perhaps that the little people are finally waking up and standing up!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Walker Uses $100M of OUR Money to Fight Recall!

We're broke says Walker, that is until the game is up and the recall is coming for him. Then suddenly $100M of the citizen's money magically appears to invest in Milwaukee, something Walker FAILED to do as the County Exec who closed his own office of Economic Development during the Great Recession!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Now GOPocrite Mitt Romney is claimimg credit for saving the auto industry that he said should just go bankrupt. SHEESH!

When he shows up in Wisconsin I'm going to be there with big sign painted like an Etcha-Sketch with flip flops glued all over the screen!

Wait, what's the biggest auto manufacturer in the world today? Oh yeah, General Motors. Thank you President Obama!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Inventor of Romney-Ryan Budget Concept Says Implementing Premium Support Now Would Be "Rash and Irresponsible"

MADISON - Noted economist Henry Aaron, a co-creator of the "premium support" concept central to the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan budget plan that would end Medicare as we know it, is now stating that the Romney-Ryan budget "won't work.

As detailed in a new report from The Huffington Post, Aaron testified before the House Ways and Means Committee last week, stating, "I've changed my mind" about the concept of premium support. Aaron also slammed the Romney-Ryan budget for failing to adequately regulate health insurance offerings and how they are sold, stating that the health insurance market under such a plan would be "deplorably inefficient" with serious consequences for the Medicare population.

Aaron however praised President Obama's successful Affordable Care Act for taking steps to preserve Medicare and advocated for the full implementation of the Act as the best way to control rising health care costs.

"Medical professionals, the faith community and now even the inventor of the central concept of the Romney-Ryan budget have come forward to say that this budget that ends Medicare as we know it is wrong for America," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. "As more experts come forward, and people learn the truth about the Romney-Ryan budget, it becomes more clear that this budget is fundamentally flawed, with the potential to cause real harm if implemented."
Read the Huffington Post report here.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

BAP's Best Event Ever?

Thank you to everyone who came last night, especially State Assembly Candidates Kelley Albrecht and Kim Peterson!

With the possible exception of the Vets fundraiser we did at Bobby Rockets, last night was the largest event the Burlington Area Progressives has ever been associated with. 180 people packed the Plaza Theater, eclipsing even our events that featured local favorites John Nichols and Ed Garvey by 60 to 80 people! A half dozen representatives of the local Tea Party protested outside.

Thank you all! Keep up the good work especially NOW!

Burlington Standard Press - Liberal group’s film showing spurs talk of theater boycott:

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More info on this nut job can be found here:

Happiness is a warm gun, bang bang shoo shoot - SHEESH!

Apparently he wasn't cited for the false license or the fake registration. Why not? And did he use his position as investigator (which he should, wrong temperment) to run the license plates of the circulators?