Thursday, November 14, 2013

Americans for Plutocracy Und Vulture School Visconsin

Genus - Visconsinus Schoolus Vulturi

O.K. I've somehow gotten on some interesting email lists, for example all of a sudden I recently started receiving emails from Wisconsin Right to Life. Now apparently I'm on the list of Wisconsin's Tentacle of Americans for Plutocracy (AFP).

Oh joy, I have been offered an opportunity to attend an event designed to Destroy our Public Schools, the Core of Our Communities, turn my future grandchildren and the children of Wisconsin into Perpetual Revenue Streams to flood Vulture Schools (Profit Centers) and satisfy the plunder-lust of the corporatist educational privateers (Pirates) on Wall Street! Libertea My A$$!

AFP: "We know that every child deserves access to a quality education-regardless of their income or zip code." Hmmmmmm.

Of course the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee is a favorite venue the reactionaries in the Neo-Gilded Age movement funded by the Koch Bros Plutoctopus. But seriously, Waukesha, the most prosperous County in the Badgered State!? 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Amar Kaleka
The Burlington Area Progressives are hosting our monthly BAP Brunch this Saturday (11/9) at a new location, Los Compadres Restaurant, 725 Milwaukee Ave (Hwy 36) Burlington at 11:00am. Newly announced Candidate Amar Kaleka will be there to introduce himself to the good people of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District. Come and meet him!

There has been a Pall over our fair land for too long and it's time for some fresh air!

An Emmy winning independent film maker and son of the slain Oak Creek Sikh Temple President, Amar states that; "There's a fever in the nation, and specifically in this district, for our leaders to stop playing politics and do their jobs," Kaleka said. "All I want to do is bring democracy — a government of, for and by the people — back to America."