Wednesday, January 05, 2022

I read my latest edition of the Atlantic Monthly just about cover to cover in fascinated horror at the threat to freedom and our republic posed by the traitors and cowards that run today's Republicon Party. You should too, because the January 6 2021 violent insurrection continues today in slow motion, in DC and across the states, and is an even bigger and growing threat to the land of the free. Only this time it's not on the steps of our Capital, it's on the steps to your ballot box. Yes you should, that is IF you consider yourself to be a patriot who wants there to be a free world to keep on rockin' in!

After my reading I mailed my copy to the Badger State's Assembly Speaker Robin Vos with the following note:

"Speaker Vos,
I read this edition just about cover to cover and reflected on it as a citizen of Wisconsin and the American Republic. I also reflected on it as a son and grandson, with regard to the legacy passed down to us and as a father and grandfather, with respect to the legacy we will pass down. I hope that you will consider doing the same.
Sean Cranley"

I'm skeptical that he can look beyond himself, his cancerous cohort and their lust for power at the cost of all America is supposed to stand for. But it's worth a try.

Of course the cover article: January 6 Was Practice - Trump's Next Coup Has Already Begun is required reading. But the Editor's Note A Party , and Nation, in Crisis? I've never read that all the way through. I did this time.

What the GOP does to it's Dissenters is about a Freshman Michigan congressman with integrity. Need I say more?

The Great (Fake) Child-Sex-Trafficking Epidemic article can't possible tie into the Trumpublicons right? WRONG!

When the Myth of Voter Fraud Comes for You. What the GOPsters need scapegoats and enemies to fuel the resentment and outrage? Say it ain't so!

What Happened to American Conservatism?
Are We Doomed?
Beware Prophesies of Civil War.
The Kleptocrats Next Door

All, ALL link back to Trump and the cowards and traitors that are the officials in his putrid political machine. Get yourself a copy or don't say I didn't warn you!