Wednesday, September 02, 2020

My Dear White Friends

Rosewood Massacre

My dear white friends, yes violence and destruction are egregious, counter-productive and wasteful crimes, no matter who perpetrates them. But if you don't understand why they happen, not just here, not just now, but across the world and throughout history, then you need to get a better grasp on human nature.

And if you think that you would behave differently under the same circumstances with the tables turned, then you need to stop patting yourself on the back and get a better grip on reality.

Furthermore, if you believe that these events are the result of the characteristics of a particular group of humans and not the result of the conditions that they have been subjected to by other humans for 400 years and counting, then you're being extremely foolhardy and exhibiting the flawed "reasoning" of racial prejudice. Then you're part of problem, sowing the very seeds from which this destruction springs.

Tulsa Massacre