Wednesday, September 05, 2018

NYT Insider Resistance Op Ed Stupid on Many Levels

Okay, I appreciate the insider corroboration of all the Bat Craze Shittiness that is the Trump presidency. But this anonymous NYT Op Ed thing is STUPID on so many levels!

A) Why would you alert the Toddler Trump that there are "Adults in the room" foiling his impulsiveness? His narcissistic paranoia will now result in the purging of all said adults who've been putting the brakes on his crazy train!

B) Why would you think that invoking the 25th amendment would cause a constitutional crisis? The 25th Amendment IS The Constitution!

C) You know what IS a Constitutional Crisis? Subordinates not carrying out the president's orders!

D) Trumpy's already nutty nutty two shoes! Do you really want to send him flipping completely over the edge with the nuke football in reach! Seriously what do you thing the Trumpladyte cares about more himself or the planet?

E) All you so called principled people who have resigned or are staying on to pad his room have totally abdicated your responsibility to tell congress and the American people the whole truth about what's going on in OUR house and why you chose to quietly resign or chose to stay and secretly defy executive authority so that we could Constitutionally Impeach his @$$ouliness!

Oh and by the way, fuck your so called "bright spots" of "effective deregulation, historic tax reform and a more robust military", none of us riffraff out here get any benefit from the repetition of all that Elitist Enriching Cult of Con Fucking Nonsense!

Peasantly yours,