Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walker's Surplus Smoke 'n Mirrors

It is I Who Killed the Wicked Witch of Westconsin!
An Honest Man would not take credit for something he didn't do. But Walker is Not an Honest Man. And Walker's policies are NOT Responsible for the projected budget surplus.

Furthermore, Walker will not use the budget surplus in the Prudent Public-Interest of the Citizens of Wisconsin, but rather in the Selfish Political Self-Interest in his getting reelected Gubnah in 2014 as a requisite stepping stone to his tilt at the oval office in 2016, a position for which he is Woefully Unqualified. But Walker doesn't care because he'll be long gone before the chickens come home to roost.

One might argue that Gubnah Walker created the projected budget surplus by extracting it from public working people and that using it in a political ploy to cut property taxes, which will go predominantly to people with high property values, aka the rich, is more of the Voodoo Economics of Upward Wealth Redistribution that has been damaging America's economy and society for three decades now (and Wiscossippi's for three years). And you'd be right, but only partially so.

You see, just about EVERY State in the Union, those run by Republicans, Democrats or both, are projecting budget surpluses.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Americans for Plutocracy Know No Hypocrisy

Please Accept this Token of Our Extreme!

Excerpt from Americans for Prosperity emission statement: AFP grassroots activists advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.

Seriously? So this A$$troturf group of paid shills for the Koch Bros (note t-shirt says "Staff" not volunteerruns around decrying over-regulation and has the the audacity to use a spill caused by lax regulation for a PR-opaganda stunt by handing out bottles of water?! 

That's like guys running the sword concession seeking kudos for putting a bandaid on a gaping chest wound! GOPsters have no shame and the word hypocrisy means nothing to them whatsoever.

And ya gotta love the irony that the 4-methylcyclohexane methanol spewage issued from Freedom Industries. Yup, that's the plutoctopus plan, freedom for industry, serfdom for the citizenry. Affluence for the 1%, effluents for the 99.

Pollution pollution you can use the latest toothpaste

and rinse your mouth with industrial waste - Dr. Tom Lehrer

Monday, January 13, 2014

United Sportsmen for Koch

The scam sportsmen group, United Sportsmen that was fraudulently awarded a $500,000 grant of money belonging to the citizens of Wisconsin before publicity forced Gubnah Walker to rescind the graft, I mean gift, is now in trouble with the IRS over its false claim of tax exempt status. As such they have been forced to turn documents over to the Journal-Sentinel and guess where the trail leads. You know it, Americans for Plutocracy and the Koch Brothers!

Excerpt from the Journal-Sentinel:
As previously reported, the political group Citizens for a Strong America Inc. gave $235,000 to United Sportsmen in 2011. The newly released filings show that single donation made up United Sportsmen's entire revenue for that year. The group spent most, but not all, of that donation and finished the year with $39,044.
The bulk of the money spent, $118,400, went to Arena Communications of Salt Lake City, Utah, a firm that helps design and send out mailings to voters. Arena has high-profile GOP clients around the country, including Walker; U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, a Janesville Republican; the state GOP; and the committee representing Republican state senators.
United Sportsmen sent out a mailing in the 2011 state Senate recall elections. END

Hmmm Senate recall elections, what could be more outdoorsy!? Well it is fishy I suppose. So just who is Citizens for a Strong America?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christie Throws Top Aid Under The Bus . . .

He Would Have Taken the Fall Himself . . .
But He Wouldn't Fit!

But seriously folks, This may be a one-off for Chris Christie that he can put behind him, but not for our Gubnah Walker. 

Walker has established a repeated pattern of inability to hire competent, ethical staff and personnel mismanagement as well as an ineffectiveness in managing entire departments under his purview. Those are damning qualities for anyone in management, let alone a chief executive. 

You see Walker doesn't need to be indicted under the John Doe probes, they have already clearly demonstrated that he is an incompetent manager and an abysmal judge of character, which would makes him an absolute unqualified disaster as Divide & Conquer Gubnah of the Badgered State, let alone President of the (as yet still somewhat) United States of America.

Of course if he DID know then he's just another in a long line of corrupt vindictive GOPsters. After all, Lies and Corruption are Standard Operating Procedure (GOP SOP). Just ask David Iglasias for one example.