Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Selling of School Choice

DeVoss (Amway) - Can you say Sen. Van "Amway or Highway" Wangaard?
Walton (Walmart) - Can you say Rep. Robin "I like $chool choice becau$e I like $chool choice" Vos?

Selling? I'd say it's more like buying school choice as people who don't live, vote or go to school in Wisconsin flood money into OUR state to fund groups and bribe OUR? representatives to advance their cynical, selfish, national, anti-worker/middle class, privateering agenda to destroy public education (my opinion, not necessarily the Author's). This is the first of an excellent 3 part series of investigative journalism on the subject and well worth the read.

Friday, September 23, 2011

IMF: Income Inequality Bad for Economic Growth

Well duh! In an economy driven 70% by consumption DEMAND is the ONLY "Job Creator" and income inequality means consumers cannot create demand. That's intuitively obvious, but here is a scholarly study based imperical evidence from the international monetary fund:

EXCERPT: The widening gap between the wealthy and everyone else in the United States may be hindering a broader economic recovery, according to a new study.

The study out of the International Monetary Fund found that greater income equality positively correlates with stronger economic growth. Released in September, the study more specifically concluded that a 10 percent decrease in inequality increased the expected duration of economic growth by 50 percent.

The IMF paper, which studied a sample of countries around the world between 1950 and 2006, found that in countries with more income inequality, such as Jordan and Cameroon, the economy more frequently plunged into deeper recessions, while economic growth lasted much longer in more equal societies.

Indeed, greater levels of income equality corresponded more strongly to sustained economic growth than other economic factors, including lower debt levels, according to the report. "Sustainable economic reform," the authors write, "is possible only when its benefits are widely shared." The United States

Income inequality has grown in the United States over the past four decades and now more closely compares to the income distributions of Russia and Iran than many other developed economies.

Monday, September 12, 2011

FALEC Member Exposed

If you're intersted in learning more about Robin Vos, particularly his activities with ALEC, or as I prefer FALEC, the fascist American Legislative Exchange Council because it embodies the merger of state and corporate rule, which the definition of facism or corporatism, there is a website for that:

In the interest of informed consent of the citizenry.

Your's Truely,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

New - Rocking Fun Music, Records and Teen Outreach Grand Opening

Rocking Fun Music, Records and Teen Outreach has just opened and will be having their Grand OpeningTomorrow, Sunday 9/11 at 549 N. Pine St. in Burlington. A glitch with the Hi-Liter left them without a promo ad for their Grand Opening, so I said I would help get the word out on their new venture. Finally a local place to get strings and other music supplies!

Meet & greet at 5 PM with Recording Studio Manager & Guitar teacher Mark Hill, Owner Kellie Levans, Floor Manager Katie Joike, Administrator Michelle Dorrington and volunteers Chris and Randy. Sign up for guitar lessons (4 lessons, 45 min./session).

Rocking Fun Music tm Records and Teen Outreach is changing the way Burlington is dealing with the strong-hold of drugs, alcohol, and teen suicide rates have on the youth population. Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner Reporter, Kellie Levans, has planned, developed, and opened a retail music store and teen-wi-fi center fand recording studio for the reason of keeping teens talking and sharing through music. Rocking Fun Music tm Records:Teen Outreach, is a comfortable retail shop and hang out. The center will provide a safe environment for social contact with peers. Guitar, drums, vocal lessons, wi-fi access, and fun will be provided.

"The atmosphere is such as the show "Friends," providing a cafe' style setting without the coffee, lol " owner Kellie Levans says. Guitar lessons will be taught by Mark Hill , a community leader and trained in composition and music theory. Teen Wellness was a community program first accepted by the Burlington Wellness Center in 2004. Lack of funding cut the program. Kellie Levans approached the city of Burlington , Wisconsin in July of 2011 asking for a conditional use permit to allow 4 young adults in the store at a time. All counseling issues will be referred to local trained professionals.