Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Voting Rights - A 50 State Strategy!

The Fifty-State Strategy: In light of the Robed Reactionary Judicial Hactivists on the U.S. Extreme Court gutting voting protections from the Voting Rights Act and knowing that the Republicon traitors are intent on enacting voter suppression laws in every state of the union, the Democrats need to adopt a fifty state strategy!

Instead of updating and fixing the Voting Rights Act as it was formulated, focused on the Jim Crow states of the south, the Democratic Party needs to put forth federal legislation that protects the voting rights of All Americans in Every State, TODAY, from the Neo-Jim Crow GOPsters. Keenly aware that demographics are against them and their Corporate Sponsors, the Republicons will Hiss and Writhe at this idea and they will fight it with all the Venomous Malice they can Muster.

Let them! Let these Pseudo-patriots expose their Fangs and openly oppose the right of All American Citizens to Vote and see where that gets them!

Let's see the Democratic Party do something ballsy, smart and quite frankly, Patriotically American and step down hard on the necks of these Vipers and make their Forked Tongues Loll!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Microban on Paper Towels!?

Microban!? Yesterday morning I was at a gas station and noticed that the paper towel rack by the fuel dispensers was labeled as treated with Microban. What!? why would I want to spread poison around to kill bacteria on my windshield?

Yesterday afternoon I got a roll of screen mesh that I had shipped to me so I can screen the big door to my shed for my son's graduation party. The mosquitos are bad.... It's labeled as treated with Microban. WTF!?

Why would I want to sanitize screening with poison? Bacteria are natural, they are SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! I have to work with this material and cut it and to get in and out after it's installed, people have to touch it to push open the flap. This is really irritating! I don't think I have time to send it back and get a replacement. It was never noted on the product description. I wouldn't have bought it if it had.

Oh look, you can get it on your fricken faucet!
Your keyboard
Bird feeders?!
Your childrens' scissors in assorted colors!
Your office foot rocker, whatever that is

We must be OFF OUR ROCKERS! We don't know (because they won't tell us), but Microban MAY contain Triclosan which is a suspected endocrine disruptor, carcinogen and may cause developmental defects.

A better question is what AREN'T they putting it in? It's bad enough you see anti-microbial soap everywhere you go. Whose brilliant idea is this crap?! Not only will we no doubt find that spreading poison everywhere has it's own consequences, but we'll almost certainly create another class of super-bugs as the highly adaptable microbes that live in and all around us develop resistance. God we're stupid!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Michael Fields Film Series

The Micheal Fields Agricultural Institute is kicking off their summer film series this Friday on food and conservation related issues with the film Genetic Roulette:

Admission is FREE!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Skills Gap? Nope! Walker Loses Another Excuse for Failure

Gosh, Gubnah Walker loses another excuse for his austerity induced epic job failure in Wiscossippi. We're 49th! We're 49th!

EXCERPT: A new analysis from the UW-Madison’s LaFollette School of Public Affairs released Thursday found there are enough tech school and college graduates for both the current and projected job openings in Wisconsin through 2020. It's the second study in the past year with similar findings.
The new report here did note some anecdotal evidence of a worker shortage — mainly for low-skill, low-paying jobs that require no post-secondary education — but little indication of a broader crisis.
In fact, the report found the weak job market in Wisconsin was actually forcing those with college degrees into jobs that once went to people with no education beyond high school. For example, about 60 percent of people employed today in bartending or retail clerking have some form of post-secondary education or training.
But Gubnah, it's not all bad news for the Badgered State if you can't create jobs by putting up banners you can always add tens of ultrasound tech jobs to the work force with your new fALEC Vaginal Invasion Jobs Bill!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wispublicons Enact Legitimate fALEC Rape

Legitimate Rape In Progress!

Let's face it, unless they're talking about penis envy, the Republicon Party has not believed in smaller government for decades, let alone local control. But apparently they've grown tired of shoving their "values" down our throats and have decided to take another avenue of approach. Today the GOPsters in the Wisconsin Senate used their gerrymander derived illegitimate majority to enact "legitimate rape" by requiring women in Wiscossippi to get a transvaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion. The K-Y applied assembly will no doubt slip this measure right on through to the A$$hole in the Gubnah's mansion who is eager to apply his little pen to it. Talk about intrusive government sticking it's nose right up in there where it does not belong!

This is Local Control?

Well I guess the Wankers plan to turn around his totally failed jobs agenda, that as evidenced above he's working so, um hard on, is to create demand for ultrasound techs in the Badgered State. That'll work. But seriously, I fucking despise these people and all the crap they stand for! The GOPsters are the ones that need to be aborted!

Speaking of which, there is strong evidence that these Very similar Vagina Invasion Bills that have either been inserted, or are being ogled in numerous states were in fact drafted and voted on by the corporations at the fascist American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC). Yup, fALEC, where your Republicon Misrepresentatives secretly go to get model bills to rule YOU in YOUR state, in the interest of global corporations. And THAT makes these Republicons both Traitors AND Rapists! Bend over, here it comes!

fALECly Yours,
Benedict Arnold

PS: Musolini would be proud of his ideological spawn among the Wispublicons.

Or is that a Corporation I see in There? 
If any of the women that I care for is unfortunate enough to have to endure this insulting insertion and mental torture, I swear I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself from getting a big stick and shoving it so far up the ass of the nearest Republicon politician I can find, he'll be spitting tooth picks! My disgust is 100% complete. What a bunch of DICKS! And that goes double for the author, Mary Lazich!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

GOPsters Pile on the Shtuff!

GOPster Crapitalism Delivered!

The budget the Republicon's are in the process of enacting is not only mean-spirited, it's fiscally irresponsible and grossly immoral. Kicking 85,000 Wisconsin citizens off Badgercare so they can refuse to accept $120 million in federal money to cover their healthcare, while giving big tax breaks to rich people by borrowing one time money and falsely claiming they've eliminated Wisconsin's budget deficit is just disgusting. 55% of the tax savings would go to people making over $100,000 per year, another unstimulative gift in the 30-year long failed experiment/scam of supply-side economics. They're also funneling our tax dollars to private/religious schools, by giving a tax credit to anyone, regardless of income, who sends their kids to private schools. Budgets are moral documents and this budget, crafted in the dead of night by extremist ideologues and their corporatist lobbyists while good Wisconsinites slept, is egregious, absurd and heartless. SHAME on all of you!

And on top of refusing the $120 million in federal medicaid money the GOPsters approved another $70 million dollars to go to the corporate hospitals to make sure THEY are not hurt when the uninsured people show up hurting at the emergency room and try to get healthcare.

You SEE? Even THEY don't believe their own nonsense that these poor people will be able to afford health insurance under the Obamacare exchanges! And they have in fact ADMITTED, to the tune of $70M that they're kicking Wisconsinites off of healthcare and that their lying about it! 

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Fairies, Frog Princes & Failing Schools!

Scooter "Koch Ho" Walker & Robin "Vulture" Vos

Yup, it's the Poverty Stupid. DUH!

We've said it before, there is No Such Thing as a Failing School! Students fail, and where students fail in large concentrations it's due to factors Concentrated in the Community, Principally Poverty that are out side the school house walls and beyond the control of educators. We've also noted that income inequality is bad for the economy and causes more Poverty!

Well now here is the solid evidence that the two together, increasing income inequality and increasing poverty are at the heart of the so called education crisis in America. Linked below is an excellent article by David Sirota on education and who the Public School bashing, Vulture School pushing Republicon "Reformers" really serve, what their hidden agenda is (because EVERYTHING they do has one!) and why they Dare Not speak of concentrated poverty as the root cause!

EXCERPT:  America’s wealthiest traditional public schools happen to be among the world’s highest-achieving schools. Most of those high-performing wealthy public schools also happen to be unionized. If, as “reformers” suggest, the public school system or the presence of organized labor was really the key factor in harming American education, then those wealthy schools would be in serious crisis — and wouldn’t be at the top of the international charts. Instead, the fact that they aren’t in crisis and are so high-achieving suggests neither the system itself nor unions are the big factor causing high-poverty schools to lag behind. It suggests that the “high poverty” part is the problem.

That, of course, shouldn’t be a controversial notion; it is so painfully obvious it’s amazing anyone would even try to deny it. But that gets back to motive: The “reform” movement (and its loyal media outlets) cast a discussion of poverty as taboo because poverty and inequality are byproducts of the same economic policies that serve that movement’s funders.

It's the GREED People! Don't let the these shills for the Profiteers turn our children into their Revenue Streams!