Monday, March 28, 2011

GOP$ter$ Fear the Public

With the center of gravity for Wisconsin located in the southeast, where are the GOP$ters going to hold PUBLIC hearings on their budget bill? As far away from the public as possible, Stevens Point, Arcadia and Minong (MINONG?!). O.K. and West Allis. I guess they couldn't be totally blatant about waving their privates at the public.

We've long known that public is a dirty word to these corporatists, what's become evident now is that is also a scary word to them. Scary because of course Repubicons are A$$holes and A$$holes are fearful.

Or maybe I'm wrong and they just wanted to tour the highways that will get special treatment from the millions of dollars being diverted from the public education of our children to the corporate sponsors in the road builder lobby. But I'm willing to bet that the only facilities capable of accomodating a large public event in Arcadia and Minong are the public's schools.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


MUST READ: Now the GOP$ers are going after distinguished professor William Cronon is the Frederick Jackson Turner and Vilas research professor of history, geography and environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin and recently elected president of the American Historical Association because they don't want The People to Know that: a group called ALEC writes their LAWS FOR THEM! Cronon on his private blog "One conclusion seems clear: what we’ve witnessed in Wisconsin during the opening months of 2011 did not originate in this state, even though we’ve been at the center of the political storm in terms of how it’s being implemented. This is a well-planned and well-coordinated national campaign, and it would be helpful to know a lot more about" In other words, the Republicon ideal of "Local Control" is a LIE! You cannot have local control (or democracy) when your hidden agenda is adopted from NATIONAL THINK TANKS! The republicon party IS A LIE! You can read the NYT article comparing A$$hole Snott Wanker to UltraMericanScum Joseph McCarthey Very good! That and the blog piece linked above leads to this: The GOP$ters are making the HUGE stretch that by bringing this information to the public, he is violating UW policy: The university has an e-mail policy that states, "University employees may not use these resources to support the nomination of any person for political office or to influence a vote in any election or referendum.” To which charge the professor CORRECTLY responded: "It never occurred to me that my suggestion that more study needed to be done about the group might be interpreted as electioneering," Cronon added. "The GOP drew a line that had not occurred to me. That my posting might damage people involved in the recall elections. That surprised me. But that's clearly what they were concluding." SERIOUSLY, if citizens can't bring forth information about politicians and political groups because someone thinks it might influence votes then DEMOCRACY IS DONE! If information shouldn't influence vote then what the F%$& should! I guess I shouldn't need to ask this question of the would be junta that brought us FUX SNOOZE! The NYT calls this a shabby Crusade: "This is a clear attempt to punish a critic and make other academics think twice before using the freedom of the American university to conduct legitimate research." Professors are not just ordinary state employees. As J. Harvie Wilkinson III, a conservative federal judge on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, noted in a similar case, state university faculty members are “employed professionally to test ideas and propose solutions, to deepen knowledge and refresh perspectives.” A political fishing expedition through a professor’s files would make it substantially harder to conduct research and communicate openly with colleagues. And it makes the Republican Party appear both vengeful and ridiculous. This is an attack on academic FREEDOM and further proof that Republicons are A$$HOLE$!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Forget GOP$ter Protest Today - Racine Marriott

Racine County GOP$ters are having their annual Lincoln Denegration Dinner today at the Racine Marriott to shill for their corporatist sponsors. Gather in the Case HS parking lot. Bring a sign or a noise maker. I'm bringing my cowbell. I've gotta fever for more cowbell and less Snott Wanker!

Invited guests include Scott Walker (word is he'll be there), Ron Johnson & JB Van Hollen. Cocktales @ 5:30, piggies to the trough @ 6:30.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GOP$ter Protest this Friday - Racine Marriott

Friday evening (3/25/11) the Racine County GOPsters will host their annual Lincoln Dinner Fundraiser at the Racine Marriott. As if Honest Abe would have anything to do with these liars, crooks and corporate sell-outs! The keynote speaker is Georgia radio talk-show host and Presidential hopeful Herman Cain Go figure, a wingnut talk show host as President. I think that'd be about the last straw for America.

Invited guests include Scott Walker, Ron Johnson & JB Van Hollen. Cocktales @ 5:30, piggies to the trough @ 6:30.

The Friday visibility protest at Hwys 20 & 31 is moving west to make sure all GOP members get a good view of the energy they have inspired. Please be at the Case High School parking lot around 4pm. Think of a clever sign or bring a noise maker! And of course, dress for the weather. Bring every person you know - because the press will be there, and a good showing is key!

Also, "like" Racine Solidarity on Facebook: The place to find out about anti-Wanker Events in the Racine, Kenosha and Walworth CO. areas. And please pass the word on to others you know in the area.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scott Walker in Pleasant Prairie TODAY 9:30!

Top o the Marnin! SCOTT WALKER will be at 7809 100th St. in Pleasant Priairie TODAY (3/17) at 9:30AM for a "jobs" press conference. I called and 12 news gave me the address which was being with held on the news and web (we've gottem on the run). Thank you channel 12! This is an empty mfg building in the industrial park about two block due south from the power plant off 80th Ave, just west of Green Bay Rd., east of Cty H and north of Hwy 165. 95th St or 165 will get you to 80th Ave which will get you to 100th St. on the east. There are no sidewalk and not much public right-of-way to be on. One possible solution is to drive by beeping show me what democracy looks like (dit dit dit dit-dit dit-dit dit dah!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan

To the Japanese victims of the earth quake/tsunami/nuclear disaster - "I'm from the (US) government and I'm here to help".

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Cult of Con vs the Founders, Freedom, Education & Democracy

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson drafted the Northwest Ordinance of 1785, also known as the Freedom Ordinance providing the means by which the territories to the northwest of the orginal 13 states (south of the great lakes, north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi, later OH, MI, IN, IL & WISCONSIN) would enter the union.

The ordinance declared the area to be free of slavery and provided for a layout of townships of 36 square miles, 6 miles on a side with a north and south orientation, divided into one-square-mile lots of 640 acres, to be sold at $1 per acre.

One section was set aside to be sold for income supporting public schools (the first national education law written anywhere), which reflected Jefferson’s commitment to public education as essential to democracy.

Solidarity Racine Facebook Page

Finally, a useful purpose for Facebook!

Kleefisch @ UW-P Tomorrow

The Kenosha Chamber of Commerce has invited local business owners and leaders to a round-table discussion with Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, 9:00 AM-10:30 AM, Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at UW Parkside Student Center Walnut Room, 900 Wood Road, Kenosha Wisconsin. They will discuss ways in which small businesses can move our economy forward and create jobs for Wisconsin workers as the Walker Administration works to reform government, provide safety in our communities and no tax increases.

Following the roundtable the Lt. Governor will tour Jockey International, 2300 60th Street, Kenosha.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to Wiscossippi Walmart Elementary School #213

Stop SB 22, the privatization of our public Schools. Public education should be in the interest of the public good, not for private profit, it should benefit children and communities, not corporations!

More Republicon Power Grabbing for the Plutocrats. If you thought the budget dispair bill which stripped $1B from K-12 education (While increasing the transfer to the road builder lobby by $5B) was bad, IT ONLY GETS WORSE! In summary, SB 22:
  • Creates a 9-person authorizing board for charter schools: 4 appointed by the Gubner, 3 by the senate majority leader and 3 by the speaker of the assembly (who know, Wanker and the Fitzfuckheads). This limits legislative oversight and hands decision making power over to Wanker's cronies.

  • Changes the law limiting organizations to opening only one charter school, allowing for profit Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) to enter Wisconsin, leading franchized schools.

  • Removes the requirement for teachers at charter schools to have achieved certification.

  • Lifts cap on and promotes virtual (online) schools.

By the way, there is NO EVIDENCE that charter schools do a better job at educating young people. So what are the ramifications if this bill is passed?

  • Public tax dollars will be siphoned to the clutches of private hands and away from local communities.

  • Traditional public schools become further strapped for funds.

  • The power of locally elected school boards will be decreased.

  • Segregation of the school age population will increase.

  • "Difficult" students will be pushed out of charter schools and into under-resourced public schools.

  • Increased reliance on teaching to the test.

  • Low educator compensation and moral.

  • High educator turnover.

  • Destruction of the one institution that pulls many communities together.

The Gipper vs the GOPsters

"Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost." - Ronald Reagan


Thursday, March 10, 2011

ReCall - Because Wisconsin Will Never Forget!

This poll was taken yesterday, BEFORE last night's egregious events:

Sen. GOPHopper or someone else? 54% - someone else, 43% GOPHopper.

How does Sen. Kapanke ranke? 57% someone else 41% Kapanke.

I like those odds!

Question: Collective Bargaining – Right or Privilege?

After the blatant abuse of power illegal vote yesterday in the Wisconsin legislature, I keep seeing my fellow middle class workers’ right to collectively bargain called a privilege.

Anti-War on the Middle Class Rally - Friday 4PM Hwys 20 & 31

Nuff said.

Protest 9AM Today - Monument Square

A message to all members of Community for Change. In light of tonight's illegal assault to strip Wisconsin unions of collective bargaining rights and the insane and arrogant manner in which it passed the State Senate there will be a protest in Racine at Monument Square at 9am ~ Thursday March 10th. This will be a vocal and peaceful protest. Please come and stand with your friends and neighbors to say "NO" to this abuse of Wisconsin workers!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Town Hall Meeting At Case HS Thurs & Buses to Madtown Sat

A message to all members of Community for Change

There will be a Budget Town Hall on Thursday (March 10) at 7pm at Case High School. Sponsored by the Institute for Wisconsin's Future.
Be there and spread the least it won't be cold!
Buses! We got buses going to Madison on Saturday:

From Racine/AFL-CIO

Racine 1 bus (Kobussen School Bus)
12:00 pm Park & Ride Racine/Sturtevant

(First come first serve)

From Racine/Voces de la Frontera

Buses depart 10 am from Pick ‘n Save, 2210 Rapids Dr. Return at 6:30 pm
(To reserve your seat for Racine buses call: 262-619-4180

Unbalanced - Why America is Falling Over

Most Americans don't realize how unbalanced we are (see above). Balance is a healthy thing for Democracy. We once had a healthy Democracy.
We once had balance, but 30 years of rigging the rules to advantage the elites who disproportionately fund (bribe) politicians has led to the Plutocracy we have today, where bankster crooks on Wall St. get bail outs and working people get attacked and are told to give up more of what little they have left and are propagandized to envy those workers that still have something left of what it once meant to be middle class in America.
It's a divide and conquer strategy by the Plutocracts like the Koch Bros and their puppets like Scott Walker and the other Radical Republicons who would have wealth rule like a banana republic.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Support Rally at the School for the Deaf in Delavan Friday 4-6

Here is an opportunity for what we are hoping will be just as big as the event in Elkhorn (500-700):



This event will be similar to the Elkhorn event held on 2/22 and will focus on the positive contributions made by public sector workers. Keep it positive, professional, and proud. Please meet at the Delavan School for the Deaf, intersection of Hwys. 11 and X.; parking available on side streets

It is our job to help keep the heat on in terms of showing up for rallies and demonstrations. The Wisconsin 14 are keeping up their bargain by staying in IL. As Michael Moore said on Saturday in Madison, It is unusual to find Democrats in agreement on anything for so long. Keep up the hard work!! Bring your friends, neighbors, families and your children. Help them learn about democracy in action!!

See the Michael Moore video at

March for the Middle Class!

Please join Kenosha Labor for a March to Save the Middle Class on Wednesday, March 9th. The March will convene at 4pm at Kenosha City Hall (625 52nd Street) and move to Civic Center Park (900 57th Street) for a rally at 5pm.

Join your brothers and sisters in Kenosha with a strong showing of support for workers rights and for Senator Bob Wirch! See you there, dress warm and get ready to shout loud!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Q: Why Tax the Rich to Fill the Deficit?

A: Because they've got all the money now and they are the ones benefiting disproportionately from system, so they should support it disproportionately.
And remember, the next time you hear some GOPundit say that the average incomes of Americans are rising that it is only half the truth, designed to deceive and therefore, a lie. Ask them if the incomes of average Americans are rising. The answer is NO!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Local Kill the Bill & Worker Rights Event

Saturday Rally and Canvass - Burlington
Saturday March, 5th - 10am-12pm
Southern Lakes United Educators office
616 Droster Ave. Burlington, WI. 53105

If you have questions about these events, please contact:
Justin Geiger
SE WI Service Area Organizer
office: (262)456-1151
Cell: (414)745-4177

BAPblog Redesign

Awesome Kay! Thanks for the new look!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Vigil Tonight in Burlington

TONIGHT! Thursday Candle light vigil - Burlington
Thursday, March 3rd – 5 p.m.
Burlington at the Wehmhoff square downtown- 355 N. Pine St. burlington,WI. 53105
You know, two blocks south of Fred's!

Fox News Lies About "Violent Wisconsin Protests"

The palm trees, the mounted policeman and the violence proves that this is NOT Madison and tha FuxSnooze LIES!


WALKER'S PUBLIC RELATIONS BUS TOUR STARTS MARCH 3rd! The Koch Brothers funded front group, American's for Prosperity for Millionaires, are trying to shore up Walkers sagging support.

First Stop for Walker - Kenosha - Brat Stop 9 a.m. Be there today and tell puppet governor sell out Walker to hit the bricks! Here's the schedule link for other cities around the state.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Q: Why Tax the Rich to Fill the Deficit?

A: Because they've got all the money now!

Snott Wanker's Answer instead?

- Tax cuts for the rich
- Sacrifice from the middle class
- Death panels for the poor
- Roads instead of schools

Local Kill the Bill & Worker Rights Events

Wednesday AFSCME Meeting and March - Union Grove
TODAY Wednesday March, 2nd- 3:30pm
American legion hall
1027 New Street
Union Grove, WI 53182

Thursday Candle light vigil - Burlington
Thursday, March 3rd – 5 p.m.
Burlington at the Wehmhoff square downtown- 355 N. Pine St. burlington,WI. 53105

Friday Visibility on Hwy 20 - Racine
Friday, March 4th - 4pm-6pm
Hwy 31 and Hwy 20 Racine, WI.

Faith Forum: Budget Impact on Racine County
Friday, March 4th - 6pm
Location to be determined

Saturday Rally and Canvass - Burlington
Saturday March, 5th - 10am-12pm
Southern Lakes United Educators office
616 Droster Ave. Burlington, WI. 53105

If you have questions about these events, please contact:
Justin Geiger
SE WI Service Area Organizer
office: (262)456-1151
Cell: (414)745-4177