Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wispublicons Enact Legitimate fALEC Rape

Legitimate Rape In Progress!

Let's face it, unless they're talking about penis envy, the Republicon Party has not believed in smaller government for decades, let alone local control. But apparently they've grown tired of shoving their "values" down our throats and have decided to take another avenue of approach. Today the GOPsters in the Wisconsin Senate used their gerrymander derived illegitimate majority to enact "legitimate rape" by requiring women in Wiscossippi to get a transvaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion. The K-Y applied assembly will no doubt slip this measure right on through to the A$$hole in the Gubnah's mansion who is eager to apply his little pen to it. Talk about intrusive government sticking it's nose right up in there where it does not belong!

This is Local Control?

Well I guess the Wankers plan to turn around his totally failed jobs agenda, that as evidenced above he's working so, um hard on, is to create demand for ultrasound techs in the Badgered State. That'll work. But seriously, I fucking despise these people and all the crap they stand for! The GOPsters are the ones that need to be aborted!

Speaking of which, there is strong evidence that these Very similar Vagina Invasion Bills that have either been inserted, or are being ogled in numerous states were in fact drafted and voted on by the corporations at the fascist American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC). Yup, fALEC, where your Republicon Misrepresentatives secretly go to get model bills to rule YOU in YOUR state, in the interest of global corporations. And THAT makes these Republicons both Traitors AND Rapists! Bend over, here it comes!

fALECly Yours,
Benedict Arnold

PS: Musolini would be proud of his ideological spawn among the Wispublicons.

Or is that a Corporation I see in There? 
If any of the women that I care for is unfortunate enough to have to endure this insulting insertion and mental torture, I swear I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself from getting a big stick and shoving it so far up the ass of the nearest Republicon politician I can find, he'll be spitting tooth picks! My disgust is 100% complete. What a bunch of DICKS! And that goes double for the author, Mary Lazich!

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