Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vulture Vos: Eviscerate Public Right-to-Know!

None of the 16 Republicons on the Badgered State's Joint Finance Commitee would admit to authoring or introducing the budget amendment that would have eviscerated the public's right-to-know who is writing their laws and lobbying their supposed "Representatives". But they all voted for it (all four Democrats voted against).

When a furor arrose about this traitorous attack on democracy from left, right and center the GOPster Bosses blinked and shelved their assault . . . for now.

In his opinon piece on this near fiasco, Burlington Area Progressive Jim Hansen quoted a response to his email from Robin Vos: “After substantive discussion…we have agreed…that any changes in the state’s open records law would be removed…The intended policy goal of these changes was to provide a reasonable solution to protect constituents….It was never intended to inhibit transparent government.”

Yeah right and I have a bridge for sale. That's nothing but full damage control GOPropagandist spin.

Wrong Way Walker, Scott Fitzgerald and Vos have all acknowledged their involvement. However, now we know that it was in fact Robin Vos, Assembly Speaker and Wisconsin Public Sector Chair of the Fuedal American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC) that coordinated this attempt to screw the citizens of Wisconsin out of their democracy.

Oh and when the Bosses Blinked they issued this joint statement on the matter: After substantive discussion over the last day, we have agreed that the provisions relating to any changes in the state's open records law will be removed from the budget in its entirety. We are steadfastly committed to open and accountable government. The intended policy goal of these changes was to provide a reasonable solution to protect constituents' privacy and to encourage a deliberative process between elected officials and their staff in developing policy. It was never intended to inhibit transparent government in any way.

Sound familiar? Right out of the Viper's mouth!

The statement went on to say that a Legislative Council Study Committee would be formed "to allow for public discussion and input."

 Stay tuned good people. This is just one attack in an all out war on representative democracy by the oligarchs and their GOPish minions!

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