Friday, November 20, 2015

ISIS is Right, Merica's Full of @$$ouls

Wrong Way Walker says they can't enter the Badgered State
Pall Ryand says they can't enter the country
Donald Grump says they should be tracked in a database
Jab Bu$h and Tad Crooze say their should be a religious test for entry
Been Carson equates them all with rabid dogs
Carply Fiorina says we've already done enough

To be fair, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio were open to taking in the Refugees fleeing death & enslavement and Lindsey Graham said We Should Take Our Fair Share or We Should Tear Down the Statue of Liberty Good on you Lindsey!

 In wake of 911 the Republicons rushed headlong to do exactly what Bin Laden wanted done to usher in the new caliphate, invade the middle-east. As a direct result we now have that newly declared caliphate, ISIS, whose apocalytic vision includes a final battle in Syria with "Rome", the forces of the west. And yet many of the Republicons are calling for a repeat of American boots on the ground, those of other American's sons and daughters, not theirs, but American boots none the less. Doesn't the phrase "know your enemy" not ring any bells in their belfries!?

And now once again, in the false hope of insulation from the world the Chickenhawk GOPster Dupes are fulfilling ISIS's dream of creating religious hatred and division to drive muslims from the arms of the world community in general and the west in particular and into the grasp of the Doom-Worshipping Demagogues.

I guess we should  always expect small-minded, short-sighted, fear-mongering bigots to do the wrong thing when the chips are down. Once again, Way to Go @$$ouls!

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