Friday, January 10, 2014

Christie Throws Top Aid Under The Bus . . .

He Would Have Taken the Fall Himself . . .
But He Wouldn't Fit!

But seriously folks, This may be a one-off for Chris Christie that he can put behind him, but not for our Gubnah Walker. 

Walker has established a repeated pattern of inability to hire competent, ethical staff and personnel mismanagement as well as an ineffectiveness in managing entire departments under his purview. Those are damning qualities for anyone in management, let alone a chief executive. 

You see Walker doesn't need to be indicted under the John Doe probes, they have already clearly demonstrated that he is an incompetent manager and an abysmal judge of character, which would makes him an absolute unqualified disaster as Divide & Conquer Gubnah of the Badgered State, let alone President of the (as yet still somewhat) United States of America.

Of course if he DID know then he's just another in a long line of corrupt vindictive GOPsters. After all, Lies and Corruption are Standard Operating Procedure (GOP SOP). Just ask David Iglasias for one example.


Nemo said...

Welcome back sean! It'd been a month since the last BURP post, we were worried.

It's fun that you would post on this the very day that Judge Gregory A. Peterson quashed subpoenas to conservative groups and ordered the return of property to the targets. Guess you didn't get to around reading Friday's WSJ, huh. It should be clear to everyone now that John Doe process has become a political weapon intended to serve partisan ends. Lies and corruption are all that Schmitz and Landgraf have to offer.

While I have you on the line, I'd like you to clear something up for me about the whole Chris Christie Bridge-gate thing. During last September's partial government shutdown, the Whitehouse had various affected departments inflict maximum pain on the American people. Unnecessarily blocking metaphorical lanes of service to punish opponents for not supporting the Dems didn't cause any of the hysteria we're seeing with the Jersey thing. Why?

Sean Cranley said...

Sorry Dude, wrong John Doe.

6 Walker Staff Indicted, 15 Felony Indictments, 6 Walker Staff Sentenced. Hardly the results of a unfounded political witch hunt. Walker is a horrible manager, period.

Timothy Russell (personal friend and former top aide, holding over eight positions including deputy chief of staff, to then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker): charged with 2 felonies, and one misdemeanor related to embezzlement of veterans funds. Russell was sentenced to "two years in prison and five years on probation for stealing more than $21,000 from a veterans organization Walker named him to lead."[31]
Brian Pierick (boyfriend of Timothy Russell): charged with 2 felonies. In February 2013 Pierick was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and a $2,100 fine after pleading guilty to a lesser charge.
Kevin Kavanaugh (appointed by Walker as county veterans official): charged with 5 felonies related to embezzlement of veterans funds. Kavanaugh was convicted by jury and was sentenced on December 7th, 2012 to two years in prison and two years of extended supervision.
Kelly Rindfleisch (former top aide to then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker): charged with 4 felonies relating to political fundraising while on the county payroll. Her trial was set to begin the week of October 15, 2012 in Milwaukee County Court. On Monday, October 8, 2012 Rindfleisch’s lawyers subpoenaed the Governor to testify in her trial. The next day, news broke that Rindfleisch had reached a plea deal with Milwaukee prosecutors. Rindfleisch was in particular jeopardy, because she had been implicated in similar activities in the past and was granted immunity in an earlier “caucus scandal,” which resulted in sentences of jail time for more than one Wisconsin legislator and the disbanding of partisan political caucuses in the state legislature in 2001. She entered the guilty plea and was convicted of one of the felony counts. On November 19, 2012 she was sentenced to six months in jail and three years of probation on a single felony count of misconduct in office.
Darlene Wink (former aide to then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker): pleaded guilty to 2 unclassified misdemeanors as part of a plea deal that she made with the prosecutors related to political fundraising while on the county payroll. Her sentencing hearing has been delayed several times to ensure her full cooperation in other investigations. In January 2013 Wink was sentenced to a year's probation, 50 hours of community service and $1,000 in fines.
William Gardner (President and CEO of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad): pleaded guilty to 2 felony charges relating to campaign finance violations read the criminal complaint here. Gardner pleaded guilty to felony violations of Wisconsin campaign law in April of 2011. Gardner tried to convince prosecutors that his $60,000 in illegal contributions, which he funneled through staff and girlfriends, was an innocent mistake, except he had done the same thing the previous year. Gardner was sentenced to 2 years probation and 50 hours of community service.


Nemo said...

Sorry about inferring that you included DOE II. I thought that you mentioned probes meaning I and II. My mistake.

As far as Probe I goes, I had no idea! Just think what more Inspector Javert could have uncovered if just given a few more years. I'll bet they've all spent more than 61 minutes parked in a 1 hour zone and at least one of this motley crew may have even eaten their entree with a salad fork! *gasp*

Sean Cranley said...

Gosh Nemo, I didn't know parking violations were felonies, thanks for setting me straight. I wouldn't want to mix apples and oranges with my salad fork.

You run along and play your friends now.

Nemo said...

I was mostly referring to Darlene Wink who pleaded guilty to 2 unclassified misdemeanors. I hear one of them was for squeezing the Charmin.

I'll go now (unless you reply). I was hoping you would have addressed my Jersey question. Maybe on another post? I'll wait.

Sean Cranley said...

Let's see 15 felony indictments, 5 felony convictions and Nemo focuses on Miss Demeanor Darlene Wink as though that somehow undermines my rock solid argument that Walker sucks as a manager.

Yeah Darlene Wink wink who . . . wait for it . . . copped a plea deal and cooperated with investigators to get the charges reduced!

Yup, same ole faithful Cult of Con Nemo with a spec of debate skills but even more unfortunately telling, a dearth of intellectual integrity.

Nemo said...

Intellectual integrity, funny that you would use that word pair in conjunction with Doe I. A majority the the "15 felony indictments" are for actions that former Wisconsin Assembly speaker Thomas A. Loftus describes doing in his book. I guess today's proglodyte's felonies are yesterday's 'The Art of Legislative Politics', heh.

As for Doe II, it looks like Judge Gregory A. Peterson had a hunters choice permit. Plugged and gutted, Doe II's assault on free speech is all but over. I'm sure that Schmitz and Landgraf will try adding a pile of pork to the increasingly dry and rotten has-been-ison in an ill conceived attempt to make a stick or two of legal noxiouswurst, but thanks to the First Amendment, this one is done. Huzzah! heh.

Sean Cranley said...

Let's see SEVEN felony indictments for embezzling funds from veterans by 2 separate Walker pals in 2 separate crimes.

TWO felony indictments for child porn. That's a total 9 counts, which account for 60% of the felony indictments, THAT is the majority.

I'm not going to bother to try and figure out why somebody told you to cite a lawmaker from two decades ago as pertinent to the topic, but I'm pretty certain that embezzlement and child porn were crimes then as they are now and that Loftus was not engaged in these acts.

Sorry Nemo, wrong again. And what's more revealing than you're lack of math and analytical skills is your feeble attempts to defend and justify incompetent management, criminality and crony corruption of Walker and the Republicon vipers nest of which Joel Kleefisch's pandering is only the latest outrageous example.

Years of dealing with your crap has made your track record crystal clear. You have no integrity, which is why you support and excuse a whole party full of people who have no integrity whatsoever. You're a loser and you've lost . . . again.

Nemo said...

My oh my, aren't we testy. You'd think that proglodites were using the John Doe process not for Justice, but to punish political enemies. We both know this can't be the case though. If the dems were using it for political reasons, there would have been a bunch of leaks to the media during the secret process. Lord knows that didn't happen, eah? (Heh!) I guess that if all you've got to challenge Governor Walker is an empty pants suit and lack of integrity, you have to use whatever you can. Good luck with that, sean.

Sean Cranley said...

The convictions by a court of law confirm the validity of the John Doe investigation and my point that Scott Walker is a horrible manager and judge of character, or possibly just plain corrupt.

But enough of me proving my points on Walker's dearth of personnel management skills while you dance from one weak defensive stance to the next on your way down.

What say we turn our gaze now to Walker's inability to effectively manage an entire department, his baby, the public/private mutation known as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Your defense please . . .

Nemo said...
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