Friday, April 12, 2013

Bonnie's got BAP's Bunny Ears Burning!

Local illiberal and WeVoter Poobah Bonnie Ketterhagen continues to supply loads of Tea Party entertainment value to the local scene! At last Saturday's Burlington Area School District open house and again at Monday's school board meeting she complained about the distribution of leaflets during the recent school board race, which her candidates lost handily. Please see page 4 of the April 11, 2013 edition of the Standard Press. For background on this issue, please refer to the following Standard Press article: WeVote Leader Takes Issue with Fliers

Without providing any reasoned argument as to why our rights should be infringed, other than she doesn't like it, Bonnie wants the board to adopt a policy banning the distribution of informational fliers on BASD property. "Please stop all postings," she said. "Just say no." "The board has opened a floodgate of possibilities," said Ketterhagen. "This is not a free speech issue. It is a property rights issue. It is not litter. It is a trespassing issue."

Not a free speech issue? Trespassing on public property? HELLO! Whose schools are they anyway? They're OUR schools, they belong to ALL of us! Which I suspect is the thing the Tea Partiers object to the most. How can you trespass on PUBLIC property? And this is an election we're talking about here, probably THE most sacred act of our Republic!

And aren't the viperish teabillies always yelping about the Constitution? A document by the way, that they seem to have not discovered until after George Bush left office and we elected a black president. The fork-tongued equivocation and hypocrisy of these people is mind blowing!

I'm sure King George, in his conservative quest to maintain authority and quash liberty, would have loved to stop revolutionary pamphleteer Thomas Paine from spreading his enlightened Common Sense to his fellow citizens. I have no doubt that what Tom Paine did was against the King's law. But we fought a revolution to throw off that kind of authoritarianism, we've been fighting it ever since and we're still fighting it today! This is America, you know, where we fly our flag rightside up even when we lose elections. America is a democracy and democracy is NOT against the law. Democracy demands citizen involvement and the spreading of information so that voters can inform themselves, something the WeVoter candidates worked really hard at stifling during their campaign. Please see WeVote Candidates Refuse debate and WeVote Candidates Even refuse Interviews

Floodgates? Please. It's obvious what these Chicken Littles are afraid of. They're afraid that if citizens are active and informed, then the WeVoters won't get to have their little way. In a democracy nobody gets to have it all their way all the time, even if they hold their breath and stamp their feet.

Not about free speech? You're damn right it's about free speech! It's about free speech, democracy in action and the right of We the People to engage reasonably and responsibly in disseminating rational information about OUR electoral process on OUR public property. I see no reasoning whatsoever behind Bonnie's desire to infringe our rights. Only self-centered and childish ire.


Dick A said...

Not just against free speech, but the TPers are also against free thinking: keep the masses stupid and uneducated so they only listen to what the Lords of the Manor WalMart, Koch, and Menard tell them what to think and how to vote.

kay said...

I'm calling bullshit on Batshit Bonnie! She knows this is a ridiculous accusation. I'm sure it's for the sole purpose of getting more public attention while appearing to be giving us grief. I say appearing because the reality is that she gives us more entertainment than indigestion (we ran a contest for the funniest nickname for her and the winning name is above...)

She showed up at Echo Park for our picnic event and the police told her to move along since it was she who was invading our rented space. Rented public property! Going onto rented property uninvited has a's called trespassing! Yep, there's a good reason Batty got her name!

Sean Cranley said...

Wow, I didn't even know about the police telling them to leave. Well GOPocrisy, so what else is new?

I don't think Bonnie is in this pic, but it's just hilarious! A handful of teabaggers, amazed to be confronted by so many progressives from Burlington (300 per the Journal Times) and wondering what the hell they should do next! Priceless.