Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can a WeVoter Yell at Someone in Bunny Ears?

A Warren of Lit Droppers
Once again, the WeVoter Poobah Bonnie Ketterhagen just isn’t making any sense. She calls the distribution of campaign leaflets “disrespectful”. What on earth is disrespectful about exercising democracy on public property? Nothing!

And threatening to have her Tea Party minions “watch, patrol, police and monitor” these public places for citizens distributing informational literature is just another petty attempt to bully and intimidate. It won’t work, bullies need to be stood up to and called out.

Besides that, just try and yell at someone in BUNNY EARS!
That was Jeannie Merseberger's idea to diffuse the tension while Jacob, Jeannie, Jackie and I leafleted for school board candidates Larry Anderson and Jim Bousman at the Easter Egg Hunt at BHS today. Such fun! One older fella did ask Jackie "Whaddya think you're doin?" He then drove past her and handed her back the flyer that was on his windsshield and said "Here, sorry, I'm part of the loyal opposition". To which she replied "That's fine, have a nice day." So I guess it worked!

You know what IS disrespectful? Fielding candidates that refuse stand before the public in a forum, present themselves and their ideas and answer questions.

That is a blatant display of complete disrespect for the voters and democratic transparency! Shame on you WeVoters!


kay said...

Batshit Bonnie doesn't want anyone outside the school practicing good citizenship (which the students should actually be learning about) because their candidates don't believe in citizen action if it isn't being controlled by some big centralized power source like the Koch heads or All Children (as long as they aren't born yet or are white and in the upper several percent of the population) Matter types.
Ohmygoodnessgracious.....whatever would happen if the little kiddies figured out they could actually voice their requests? Can't have anything like that happening while the Tea'rs are still paying a single cent in taxes.

Sean Cranley said...

Yeah, I'm surprised the TPs haven't gotten their grundies in a bundle over the Gateway referendum. That represents an actual tax increase, something you'd think their short-sighted knees would be jerking away about!