Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Way to go @$$ouls!

My wife Jackie is being forced against her will into the decision to work full time. By her employer, me, finances? Nope, by the @$$ouls who own and operate the Republicon Party and the complete uncertainty that they've created in the healthcare market place. So Jackie is probably going to have to give up her Friday's off so that she can add me to her employer's plan at an affordable rate.

 The "good" news is that her mother passed away last year, so they won't be giving up t...heir time together when they ran took care of errands, appointments, shopping and a nice lunch. The bad news is that she and I will have less time and flexibility to help my aging parents and take care of our own chores. The worse news is we have no idea how our two younger 20-something kids will be getting achievable access to healthcare.

 For 7 years the GOPsters have been sabotaging and vowing to repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare, which allowed us to affordably continue to insure our family when my former employer dropped coverage in 2013 and I then became a self-employed business owner in 2015. I suppose I could give up my business and my freedom and go crawling to an employer to get health insurance, is that what the Republicons want?

 For 7 years they never bothered to come up with a viable replacement, just a piece of crap slap to the poor and elderly and taxcut blowjob for the rich. The Dems wanted to label it Trumpcare, but that's not fair, he has absolutely no idea what's in it and doesn't care. It's really the prick Pall Ryand's mean little wishlist that has now failed because there are a handful of Republicans who actually give a shit about the people they're supposed to represent.

 So now they're just going to try and repeal and not replace Obamacare and send us back to the pre-ACA era with the corporate death panels, the pre-existing conditions, the crappy plans that you find out don't do what's needed precisely when you need it and the spiraling premiums. And so my dear wife will spend an extra day every week against her will, sitting at a computer in an attempt to keep a little safety net beneath us in case one of us gets sick or injured. Nice job @$$ouls!

 Now you're going to have to come up with some other way pay off your sponsors and step on the necks of the poor. But you have succeeded in one sense, repealing Obamacare is estimated to kick 18 million Americans off of health insurance. I know that's 6 million short of your goal, but I'm confident you'll come up with a way. Hey, another Great Republicon Recession would do the trick!

 You @$$ouls are the greatest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for our family. Eat shit and die.

 Peasantly Yours,

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Question for Conservatives

My question for "conservatives":

We are fast approaching, if not past, the point where all but the most determined deniers must recognize, in the face of the increasingly recurrent, widespread and severe weather events, that we've changed the climate already and we're in for much more in terms of both frequency and amplitude. Look around the country, the world or simply step outside today and experience first hand.

You're 'leaders" have been lying to you about these Most Important Facts for years. If they are willing to lie to you about the health of the very planet that your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etcetera and all other species will have to live on (while claiming to be "Pro-Life") what won't they lie to you about? What haven't they been lying to you about? Why are they lying to you? And finally, why are you still willingly listening to their lies?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

4 Faces of tRump - Share the Memes!

Here's a take on the 4 faces of our Fearless(?) Leader.  Share the hell out of them -- especially in reply to Repubicon posts -- for as long as there's a need to.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump's @$$oul Affirmative Action Plan

In keeping with Trump's @$$oul Affirmative Action Plan to fill top spots:

One of OUR planet's premier @$$ouls, your next secretary of state?

EXCERPT: "The (climate change) fear factor that people want to throw out there to say 'We just have to stop this,' I do not accept."

Fear? Of course! Why would anyone in a low lying coastal plain fear a rising tide? Why would anyone surviving on barely arable land fear an expanding desert? Why would anyone dependent on glacial melt water for drinking and irrigating their crops fear the permanent and complete melting of the mountain glaciers they've depended on for time immemorial? They'll simply adapt.

Read More Here: http://burlingtonareaprogressives.blogspot.com/2012/07/plutannosaurus-rex.html

Saturday, October 29, 2016

To My 3rd Party Voting Friends - Vote Hillary!

So, basically, you’re saying “A Trump Presidency is okay with me.”  Because one of two people is going to win this election: Hillary or Trump.  One of those two, nobody else.  And even if Trump wins BY 1 VOTE, he still takes ALL this state’s electoral votes.  Which is NOT okay.  But here’s 4 GREAT REASONS to vote for Hillary:

  1. Hillary believes that climate change is real and will work urgently to stop and reverse it rather than hand our children a ruined ecosphere.
  2. Hillary believes that we deserve a good national healthcare system (ACA) and will work to improve it rather than dismantle it.
  3. Hillary believes in a strong fully funded Social Security system, rather than one given to Wall Street to gamble with.
  4. Hillary believes that corporations are NOT people, and will appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn Citizen’s United.

There are dozens of other great reasons to support Hillary for the Presidency, but if none of them matter to you (and if it doesn’t matter to you who Bernie Sanders is supporting), then by all means, cast your vote for someone else and help Trump win.  Even if it’s only by 1 VOTE.  But I HOPE that you’ll join me and vote for HILLARY.  Please.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Your Puritanical "Principles", More Important that the Planet?

I keep seeing posts from some of you liberals, progressives, lefties out there, trying to convince yourselves and your friends that because of some vague atrocity supposedly committed by Hillary Clinton, your principals prevent you from voting for her, so you're going to vote third party in vane.

Make no mistake it IS your vote to cast as you see fit. But if you believe that this election is about You and Your Principles you are most sadly mistaken. You are engaged in a Narcissism of Truly Trumpian proportions.

This election is about your family, your friends, your community, your country and your planet. But mostly, this election is about your children and the children of all those that surround you.

There are many issues in the balance, but I'll pick just one to be brief, the most critical one, Climate Change. Trumpenstein will destroy any efforts to stem the tide of global warming and it's getting late people, closing in on too late for our children's future. The fate of the planet literally hangs in the balance. 2016 was the first year ever that atmospheric carbon dioxide didn't fall below 400 ppm in the month of September. And if the methane frozen in the arctic and beneath the oceans starts to thaw, it's game over, welcome to Venus II, may you and your "principles" enjoy your brief stay.

So ask yourself, do you really think that your Puritanical "Principles" are more important than our Planet? Because that, my friends, would display an outlook of asstounding self-centrism and heedless inconsideration. We're all depending on you being better than that.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Patriot or Nationalist?

If you're like me, you consider yourself to be a Patriot. If you're not like me you might still consider yourself to be a Patriot, but maybe you're not. Maybe you're just a Nationalist.
A patriot is like a good parent. Good parents love their children unconditionally, but they have no illusions that their children are perfect. They have no problem with disciplining their children or having others to appropriately call their children to account when they've done wrong. Because good parents want their children to be the best people they can be.
A nationalist is like a bad parent. Bad parents love their children unconditionally. And they may have no illusions that their children are perfect or have a problem with disciplining them. But they go ape shit if anyone calls their children to account when they've done wrong. Because "What? Not my Child!" Unevolved and Totally Tribal!
I saw this when I had to take one of my kids to the police station over a stupid prank for which, thankfully, they were caught. The officer laid out the charges and then asked if he had the right party, to which we both answered "yes". The officer was clearly surprised at this. I thought that was a shame and very revealing.
Nationalism is Racism's just as dangerous, but surficially less revolting cousin. Subjects dared not criticize Nazi Germany. Subjects dare not criticize China or Russia or North Korea! But Citizens of America should never feel subjugated! Oh, and by the way, there are many patriots who suffered for our freedom. But only a fool would die for an F’ing Flag.
So Colin Kaepernick, in a way that hurts no one (even Packer fans), calls out America for its racist wrongs. Wrongs that it has made great progress on and should be proud of, but on which it OBVIOUSLY still has a long way to go. Like good parents, Patriots understand / tolerate that. Like bad parents, Nationalists go ape shit on the interwebs!

Be a patriot, don't go FaceFook Apie!