Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Me & WWWalker Together, What Are The Odds!

What are the odds? Me and Scott Walker on the same elevator at Lambeau Field!

My Dad was having some difficulty walking up the ramp at last night's Packer game so I flagged down a young man with a wheel chair. He took us to an elevator and when the door opened, right smack dab in the middle of the elevator was Wrong Way Walker - Havoc Wreaking Drop Out himself with a stupid look on his face. I don't think he expected to see members of the public on his way to Snooty Skybox Land. I looked at him, he looked at me, Logan Cranley and I exchanged smirky glances, shook our heads in disgust and turned our backs on him.

The Great Divider has absolutely no business taking any part in celebrating The People's Team! And like I said, what are the odds? And Me without my plastic suction cup dart pistol!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beautiful Day, Great BAPicnic & Announcing Thirsty Thursday!

Happy 10th anniversary BAP! 

Great to see all the faces at the picnic, especially the new ones, and to get to talk with a lot of old friends! I hope to see them all and more at another BAP event coming SOON! Speaking of which:

Announcing BAP's first Thirsty Thursday! Thursday October 8th - 7:00pm
Ollie's Sports & Spirits
7305 McHenry Street (Hwy P) Burlington

No agenda, just BAPish Banter, Comradery and a chance share ideas!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

BAP Picnic & Concert for the Common Soul!

MUSICIANS, now is the time to come to the aid of your Burlington Area Progressives!

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first BAP event, when we hosted local legend Ed Garvey in September 2005, we're having a picnic & Concert! Yes it's been 10 Years, Come Sing Your Songs!

BAP Picnic & Concert for Common Souls
Sunday September 20th - 1pm to 5pm (Packers Play @ 7:30pm)
Echo Lake Park Pavilion
Potluck Lunch & BYOB (Beer/Wine, No Glass Containers)
Or just stop by and play some tunes, all people of goodwill are welcome!

You can play pretty much anything you like and any genre, but the theme is the lives, experiences and struggles of common everyday people. It'll be open mic style with a sound system. 

Time allotted per performer will be based on how many people want to play. Post a comment below if you're interested in performing.



Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Why Can't Conny Think Critically?

So on a friend's Facebook page I encounterd one of the most ridiculous forms of "Logic" I've seen in weeks from one of his "Friends". The fact that Al Gore has made money was cited as evidence that Global Warming isn't real.
This is the kind of magical "thinking" that prevails on the FuxSnooze, nose-led right. Newsflash! The only people making big money that has anything to do with climate change are those who are profiting from the industry that removes carbon from the ground and puts it in the air and that wants to make sure that their reserves continue to be emitted for fun and profit. And other than the denial industry Paid Punditry of the GOPropagandists, that is no conspiricy, it's plain old Evil Greed at the expense of our Progeny, which is an insult to our Ancestors!
So I offered the following:

Here is the equation that was im F=5.35 ln C.

It was developed by Nobel prise winning physicist Svante Arrenius in 1896. It is emperically PROVEN that adding more carbon to air will cause it to absorb more heat from the sun. Indisputably!

You know what else is empirically proven? That humans have removed trillions of metric tons of carbon that was safely sequestered in the gound and put it in the atmosphere thus raising the atmospheric carbon concentration. Indisputably!

You know what else is indisputable? The some people think they can keep their finger in the dike of reality with simple denial, it's only a theory they say. Well electromagnetism is only a theory, so go stick a fork in a wall socket. Gravitation is only a theory, so climb up on the roof and take flying leap, Sheesh!

His response?

We're just going to disagree on this one...and I will not resort to name calling or derogatory, personal attacks like some folks...

Anyone who looks at the data on both sides will come to the the conclusion that Catastophic Man Made Warming is a compl
ete hoax. However, the Warmists will not only refuse to listen to any contrary arguments, they will also fight to prevent others from hearing anything that contradicts their dogma. This is all about CONTROL! Controlling what light bulb you can use, what toilet or car you have, etc.

I see you follow Breitbart Sean C,C. Have a look here in case you missed it...


(NOTE: I haven't looked at that @$hole Breitbart in at least a dozen years, so I don't know where that comes from, must have looked me up the Googles I guess. But as a geologist I can tell you that equating natural climate fluctuations with anthropogenic climate change which result from totally different cause and operate on completely different time scales is exactly the kind of fodder fed to the feebleminded.)

My response:

No Mike, 97% of the scientists who actually study the subject agree that we are causing the planet to heat up. There is neither equal quality information, nor honest motives on both sides, it's completely lopsided. I suggest that you investigate who the Merchants of Doubt are. Remember when tobacco didn't cause cancer? Yes, those people:http://www.merchantsofdoubt.org/

What I presented above are some scientific FACTS. Facts that you have neither disputed nor provided any countervailing, vetted informtion. I don't believe that you can, but I'd like to at least see an attempt.. What you've presented above is a layman's opinion based on nothing, which is exactly what it's worth.

Which begs the question once again, Why Can't Conny Debate?