Wednesday, September 05, 2018

NYT Insider Resistance Op Ed Stupid on Many Levels

Okay, I appreciate the insider corroboration of all the Bat Craze Shittiness that is the Trump presidency. But this anonymous NYT Op Ed thing is STUPID on so many levels!

A) Why would you alert the Toddler Trump that there are "Adults in the room" foiling his impulsiveness? His narcissistic paranoia will now result in the purging of all said adults who've been putting the brakes on his crazy train!

B) Why would you think that invoking the 25th amendment would cause a constitutional crisis? The 25th Amendment IS The Constitution!

C) You know what IS a Constitutional Crisis? Subordinates not carrying out the president's orders!

D) Trumpy's already nutty nutty two shoes! Do you really want to send him flipping completely over the edge with the nuke football in reach! Seriously what do you thing the Trumpladyte cares about more himself or the planet?

E) All you so called principled people who have resigned or are staying on to pad his room have totally abdicated your responsibility to tell congress and the American people the whole truth about what's going on in OUR house and why you chose to quietly resign or chose to stay and secretly defy executive authority so that we could Constitutionally Impeach his @$$ouliness!

Oh and by the way, fuck your so called "bright spots" of "effective deregulation, historic tax reform and a more robust military", none of us riffraff out here get any benefit from the repetition of all that Elitist Enriching Cult of Con Fucking Nonsense!

Peasantly yours,

Friday, July 20, 2018

Trumpski Treasonovich is WWWalker on Stupidity Steriods!

How much an idiot does one have to be to buy the Trumpladyte's HELLSINKY "Was/Wasn't" bullshit in context of the public/private hours he spent licking Putin Poisonov's balls?

IS there a more bald faced LIE in the history of American Presidents?

I don't even know what to say anymore and it doesn't even matter because the diarrhea never ceases and there's nothing to be done about!

Bushyboy was fucking awful, but the awful stupid shit oozed out every few days or so. We're down to every few hours now!

I blame, in part, Wrong Way Walker and the Badgered State Corrupticons. They came up with this Blitzkrieg assault on decency and democracy. Do so much damage so fast that the public and the opposition start reacting to one atrocity and before that gets rolling, there's another one and another one and . . . then they don't even know what to . . . wait a minute . . . what happened exactly? 

Am I giving the Trumpladyte too much credit? Probably, after all he IS a Fucking Moron! Not there's anything wrong with that!


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pall gets More Family Time - We get LESS!

My Wife was just forced to full time at work because of Pall Ryand and the rest of his @$$oul pals and their incessant attack on our healthcare. So she lost her day off. The day off that she used to help her Mother, that she could have used to help my Mother, the day she might have taken care of a future grandchild, the day she did things for our Family and for herself. This is a concrete and highly negative impact to our family from Pall and the "Family Value$ Folk$"! And we're just one among Millions.

Why was she FORCED to do this? To put me on her employer's healthcare plan. Because in Republicon America we must be shackled to our master's plans for our health and retirement, if it's offered at all. The extra money will be slightly nice, but as a social worker, my Wife doesn't make that much anyway, because working to help people is not a valued endeavor in America, so it's definitely not worth the loss of family time, especially because it will eat into my work time, which is most of our income. This is already adding stress to our lives, and her having to pay this price for my healthcare is naturally raising marital tensions. But hey "Family Value$"!

Obamacare (ACA) has been a good option for us. Two of my children and I went on Obamacare (ACA) in 2013 when my former employer eliminated health insurance. Obamacare was cheaper and better anyway and I was able to continue working there, which was my preference, rather than changing jobs just for insurance.

Now I've been able to be self-employed for 2.5 years because of Obamacare, but apparently that type of enterprise isn't of sufficient value to the GOPsters for them to come up with a a viable solution to healthcare in this country. On the contrary, these racists have been hell bent on destroying this healthcare option for millions of Americans that was first implemented by MA. Gov. Mitt Romney and was hatched by the conservative Heritage Foundation. Never mind that, the Black, Indo-Kenyan, Secret Muslim did it and so it must be eliminated despite the collateral damage to millions of Americans.

So we can't be secure in the idea that Obamacare will be there for me next year (even though just as many people signed up this year as last despite the Trumpadyte's efforts). Hence my wife having to sacrifice her time for my physical health and our financial well being while the opportunity existed.

So while Pall Ryand will be spending MORE time with his Family, WE will be spending LESS with ours. Thank you very fucking much you piece of Crap!

Now go cash in on your many @$$oul connections Pall, while we continue to struggle and adjust and hope we can keep our heads above water long enough to get to retirement age in the coming decade or so. Think of all the $300 bottles of wine in your future now! At least you won't be around to fuck that up too, you Debt Piling, Wealth Worshiping Idolator!

Friday, March 09, 2018

Mark Twain was Right About Social Media

Mark Twain is reputed to have said; "A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Ironically it was not Mr. Clemens, but someone named Charles Haddon Spurgeon. That made it no less true then and all the more salient today with the Twits and the FaceFooks. 

According to an MIT study of Twitter, falsehoods travel at light speed (up to 100,000) shares, while the truth slinks along on the solar wind (1,000).

I'm not on Twitter thankfully, so I can't comment on the propensity for propaganda on that platform, but I would be astounded if it's worse than the FaceFooks. And since all my snowflake friends in the Cult of Con have unfriended me to avoid confrontations with facts, I don't see much of what constitutes FaceFook "news" over on that side of the aisle anymore. But if it's anything like that which is passed around by my liberal friends (and I know from past experience that it's worse) then we are a nation divided less by the truth and more by lies. For example, I'm seeing many of my liberal cohort on the FaceFooks poo-pooing Russian meddling because HILLARY! DNC! a "logic" that fails to recognize that two things can be true simultaneously, but salves the need for self-reinforcement. But hey they're in "good" company with FuxSnooze, Five Deferments Donny and the Trumpladyte horde!

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 67% of Americans get news from social media, with FaceFook by far accounting for the lion's share. One cannot successfully run a Republic on falsehoods and still promote the general welfare, so We the People are in deep trouble. If we don't wake up and get some media savvy we're screwed!

So here are some good rules of thumb:

  • Use lots of critical thinking and healthy skepticism when consuming news;
  • Use multiple sources on important subject matters, skewed to serious journalists from entities that employ journalistic standards;
  • If it's from a partisan source, it's almost certainly not the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth;
  • TV is a good source for news about the weather;
  • If it sounds too weird to be true be very skeptical;
  • If it's on social media be very very skeptical;
  • is NOT a credible source of information!
  • And for Cripe Sakes double check the veracity of information to avoid spreading crap around the interwebs and polluting the "brains" of your fellow Americans. It's your patriotic duty!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Way to go @$$ouls!

My wife Jackie is being forced against her will into the decision to work full time. By her employer, me, finances? Nope, by the @$$ouls who own and operate the Republicon Party and the complete uncertainty that they've created in the healthcare market place. So Jackie is probably going to have to give up her Friday's off so that she can add me to her employer's plan at an affordable rate.

 The "good" news is that her mother passed away last year, so they won't be giving up t...heir time together when they ran took care of errands, appointments, shopping and a nice lunch. The bad news is that she and I will have less time and flexibility to help my aging parents and take care of our own chores. The worse news is we have no idea how our two younger 20-something kids will be getting achievable access to healthcare.

 For 7 years the GOPsters have been sabotaging and vowing to repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare, which allowed us to affordably continue to insure our family when my former employer dropped coverage in 2013 and I then became a self-employed business owner in 2015. I suppose I could give up my business and my freedom and go crawling to an employer to get health insurance, is that what the Republicons want?

 For 7 years they never bothered to come up with a viable replacement, just a piece of crap slap to the poor and elderly and taxcut blowjob for the rich. The Dems wanted to label it Trumpcare, but that's not fair, he has absolutely no idea what's in it and doesn't care. It's really the prick Pall Ryand's mean little wishlist that has now failed because there are a handful of Republicans who actually give a shit about the people they're supposed to represent.

 So now they're just going to try and repeal and not replace Obamacare and send us back to the pre-ACA era with the corporate death panels, the pre-existing conditions, the crappy plans that you find out don't do what's needed precisely when you need it and the spiraling premiums. And so my dear wife will spend an extra day every week against her will, sitting at a computer in an attempt to keep a little safety net beneath us in case one of us gets sick or injured. Nice job @$$ouls!

 Now you're going to have to come up with some other way pay off your sponsors and step on the necks of the poor. But you have succeeded in one sense, repealing Obamacare is estimated to kick 18 million Americans off of health insurance. I know that's 6 million short of your goal, but I'm confident you'll come up with a way. Hey, another Great Republicon Recession would do the trick!

 You @$$ouls are the greatest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for our family. Eat shit and die.

 Peasantly Yours,

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Question for Conservatives

My question for "conservatives":

We are fast approaching, if not past, the point where all but the most determined deniers must recognize, in the face of the increasingly recurrent, widespread and severe weather events, that we've changed the climate already and we're in for much more in terms of both frequency and amplitude. Look around the country, the world or simply step outside today and experience first hand.

You're 'leaders" have been lying to you about these Most Important Facts for years. If they are willing to lie to you about the health of the very planet that your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etcetera and all other species will have to live on (while claiming to be "Pro-Life") what won't they lie to you about? What haven't they been lying to you about? Why are they lying to you? And finally, why are you still willingly listening to their lies?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

4 Faces of tRump - Share the Memes!

Here's a take on the 4 faces of our Fearless(?) Leader.  Share the hell out of them -- especially in reply to Repubicon posts -- for as long as there's a need to.