Thursday, January 28, 2016

Repeatedly Laughable Cult of Con "Arguments"

There are number of arguments that you'll hear repeated repeatedly by the indoctrinants of the Cult of Con. I say repeated, because you'll hear them so often from different Cons in different places that you know they didn't think them up themselves. Rather they were inculcated with them by their ideological minders. Yet they'll obediently drool them out when the subject arrises like Pavlov's dogs and then wag their tails like they're such clever boys. "Look what I did, look what I did!"

And you know they got it from the GOPropagandists on FuxSnooze, Wingnut Radio or the ContraWebs, because they are not capable of coming up with these types of somewhat clever excursions around the truth on their own. They don't possess the type of creative or critical thinking skills necessary. And the proof is in the pudding!

Because the ease with which one can can expose the gapping logical flaws in these arguments makes it more than obvious that the rote repeater did not or could not give the matter any real Conserious Sideration.

I can think of two of these so called "arguments" off the top of my head, yet there are surely dozens of them.

1) The first one you hear all the time is how our urban centers have are perenially run by Democrats and they have certain problems, unemployment, poverty, crime, etc. The Correlation is Causation mistake that is unquestioningly accepted by the Cult of Con indoctrinant and that you're supposed to unthinkly nod your head to as well, is that these adverse conditions are caused by the local government and that it's the fault of the Democrats in charge.

The truth of course is that the conditions in question are the result of non-governmental forces like White Flight, Segregation, Racism (subtle & overt), Lack of Good Jobs and Economic Opportunities, etc. And of course the question of why on earth urban minorities would ever vote for a Republicon Party whose attitudes and policies are completely at odds with their own self-interests, never even crosses the "minds" of these regurgitators.

2)  Another common logical sieve spouted forth by the inculcated is the notion that reasonable gun control measures on a national level couldn't work, because Connecticutt, Chicago (pick your city or state) has strict gun control laws and yet just look at the gun violence there.

Here we see the gross logical apples & oranges error of comparing a city or state, with no control whatsoever of who or what crosses it's borders, with a nation state that not only has customs and immigation controls, but also the ability to regulate what is manufactured within it's borders. Like Machine Guns. None of those abilities apply to local political entities and yet the wingnut can't see for a moment the utter destuction coming their way, by presenting such a flawed, prefab argument to a liberal in possession of critical thinking skills.

And so they get crushed. And then they're hurt and either run away with their tales between their legs or start name calling. And who do blame for their failure? Why the liberal of course. Because it couldn't possibly be the masters of propaganda that feed their fears, stroke their egos and fill their brains with such lies and mush in the first place!

Yes, it's fricken funny, yes it's entertaining, but in the end it's also really quite sad. Wake up Cons, you're being manipulated!

If one must lie to advance one's thoughts, one's thoughts are not advanced.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gunman's Arrest Proves Gun Control Works!

As we've seen repeatedly, anybody with Ill-Will and a Trigger Finger is a potential threat for Mayhem in Merica using the Weapons of Mass Murder that are available legally at your local hardware store.

This would-be Gunman could have done all the damage he desired with the semi-automatic military assualt weapons that the Bloody NRA has flooded our country with for the fun and profit of their corporate sponsors. But thankfully he was too stupid to figure that out. Will we be lucky enough for the next mass murderer to be equally foolish?

The reason that the plan of the Ill-Willed Idiot arrested yesterday for plotting mass murder failed was because he tried to buy machine guns. Machine guns have been the subject of gun control in America since the 1930's. They are illegal to own without a very restrictive and hard to obtain federal permit. he broke the law when he attempted to buy them on the black market and without the requisite permit. And THAT is what got him arrested and off our streets, proving that reasonable Gun Control WORKS!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Black Friday Stomp ala Aldo

A new video production of my song Black Friday Stomp by my Cousin Aldo Amantea. Only 341 days left until Christmas. Quickly pilgrims to the temples of consumption, the planet can't take much more, but the One Percents are counting on your glutony, those way at the top and those way at the bottom!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Badgered State Blues ala Aldo!

I just found out the other day that my cousin Aldo Amantea produces his own videos and posts them on his facebook page, Check them Out!

He just found out the same day that I make videos of my own songs and post on YouTube. And I woke up the very next morning to this very cool version of my Badgered State Blues with Aldoistic edits and enhancements. Thanks Cuz!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Klimate Karma

Call it karma, call it poetic justice, but I can't help but note that the 2015 Christmas distasters, driven by climate change enhanced El Nino have hit hardest in the southern states that repeatedly insist on voting for the Republicon Party, the party of anti-science zealots who's Purchased Politicians continue to deny the fact of global warming for fun and profit.

Maybe if they get hit over the head enough times by these events of ever increasing violence and frequency these voters will wake up and realize that they've been lied to and GOPropagandized with a crass and craven disregard for the safety and well being of their families, friends and neighbors. And then maybe, just MAYBE, they'll realize that if the GOPsters are willing to lie to them about something as crucial as the very future of our planet and our progeny they'll realize that there is literally nothing that they won't lie to them about if the payola is plentiful.

If we don't solve this problem and there's anyone left in the future to consider the history, today's Republicon Party will get a lion's (or should I say Lyin's) share of the blame!

Unfortunately, the disastrous effects are spread out far beyond Merica's Republicon Rubes!: 
Deadly extreme weather on at least five continents is driven in large part by a record-breaking El Nino, but climate change is a likely booster too, experts said Monday.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Goodbye Wisconsin!

In a Secret Ceremony, on the eve of the one year anniversary of the publication of the video version of my song The Badgered State Blues (12/17/14), Wrong Way Walker signed a bill dismantling Wisconsin's Non-Partisan Ethics and Elections Board, doubling the level of bribery allowed to our so call "Representatives" and making secret the economic interests of the Bribers.

How ironic and appropriately inappropriate and one more big reason to lament the systematic dismantling of our beloved Republics (state and federal) by our Plutocratic Rulers!

I was Proud to be a Wisco Kid you see
We were the Laboratory of Democracy
With Goodwill, Progress, a government Clean and Pure
But Corrupticons have come to Rule
With Felons and Cronies in a Big Cesspool
And I don't feel like I'm from here anymore.

Not from here anymore, not from here anymore
You can take the whole damn state and shove it right up . . you're
Gonna regret the stage you've set
Them chickens ain't back home roostin yet
and we don't feel like we're from here anymore

Goodbye Wisconsin!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mein Trumpf!

As his crazy crescendo crests (we hope) establishment Republicons are becoming increasingly alarmed that The Donald will thwart their attempt to yet again seize the Whitehouse. After all they can only flip so many electronic votes without it being obvious to the public at large, so it's got to at least be somewhat close next November.

But the GOPsters have no one to blame but themselves for their plight. They've spent years spewing GOPropaganda from their wingnut radio network and FuxSnooze. They've simultaneaously whipped up and dumbed down their base to make them more easily manipulated for fun and profit.

More recently they've repeatedly demonized our first black president, calling him a Muslim, questioning whether he's really Merican and insinuating to him all manner of "dark" intentions. Blatant racism is long out of style in most quarters, so they've been encouraging a more subtle version ever since Ronald Reagan launched his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the site of the murder of civil rights workers in 1964, Crying the Confederate Creed of "State's Rights!

We see this subtle racism today with the Republicon war on poor people and their attack on voting rights among many other fronts. The current "We Back the Badge" reaction to the "Black Lives Matter" movement is a prime example of this and a turning of a blind eye to an obvious history of racially based police abuses now be recorded on our phones as well as to the core American value of Justice for ALL!

In 2010 in the wake of the racially based Tea Party wave the Republicons, in a crass attack on representative democracy, you know Our Republic, Gerrymandered the entire country. In doing so they created a spider web of wingnut state legistative and congressional districts, where Trumpy Type Crazy Talk is not only tolerated it's applauded! Those districts have produced the most extreme rightwing "representatives" since the civil war, resulting an echo chamber where their most extreme, hate and fear filled constituents are ripe for the picking and ready to rally to the call "Mein Trumpf!"

Pall Ryand recently proclaimed this about Trump's call to Ban all Muslims:  "This is not conservatism," Ryan said at a news conference with House Republicans Tuesday. "What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and, more importantly, it's not what this country stands for."

Once again our little Pally get's wrong, well mostly. While these cynical strains have always been a part of conservatism and the Republican Party, except for rare outbreaks (McCarthyism, WALKERISM) only a fringe element. Over the past 30 years the GOPsters have both intentionally and unitnentionally built these elements into a major component of today's radical "conservatism" and the Republicon Party.

The part our Ayn Rand worshipping House Speaker got right? "It's not what this country stands for." And therein lies their problem from the Fascist Frankenstein Monster of their own creation. It's about strangle them and their party.

It probably too late for this election. But it's long past time for the Republican Party to return to the American values that this country does stand for, or face generation Xile and be condemned to wander the wilderness. Republicons Repent!