Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crabs in a Barrel Polka

I wish I could have recorded all the performers at last Saturday's Songs of Protest themed open mic at the Coffee House at Chestnut & Pine, they were all outstanding! But I got a few nuggets including this one (Crabs in a Barrel Polka) from my friend and BAPster Jacob Merseberger (more to come). Share and Enjoy!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bunker Buster Bomb (My President Talks With God)

Back when we were being misled into the debacle in Iraq, the military started a program to build a mega bomb, which they called Divine Strake. It creeps me out that anyone could deem a bomb to be “divine” and thereby imagine they would wield the hand of God in ‘tamping” down their enemies. Around that time George W. Bush was asked if he had consulted his Father regarding the wisdom of toppling our erstwhile ally Saddam. And Bushyboy replied that no, he had consulted his higher Father, obviously implying that he has conferred with God. So I imagined what it might have been like if that reporter had pressed further on this father thing, discussing with Georgie Boy his conversation with God. I give you Bunker Buster Bomb (My President Talks With God). Swing it!

Our president talks with God ya’ll, our president talks with God
We’re so lucky in the USA cuz Jahovah gave George the nod
Now tell us now Mr. President when the whisper is in your ear
What great nuggets do you hear coming through so clear

Well I speak for God and the workin people
Let it ring from every steeple

He said
Build me a bunkerbuster bomb George, build me a bunkerbuster bomb
Vengeance is mine so sayeth I, or at least so says the psalm
Now you’re practically my right hand man there George my prodigal prodigal son
And I’ll be back when you’ve got it done to tell you who to drop it on.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Revenue Stream


Last month (12/14) Congress passed the budget bill which included a whole section written by Citibank and Trust Me, It's Not in Your Interests or Mine. Did you vote for citibank? How about the global corporations that run the fascist American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC) or the WTO or World Bank? Our "Representatives" have become mere middlemen. I wrote this song several years ago (Which You Can Also Listen to Here, along with other and more to come soon), but it becomes more disturbingly relavent with every passing year. Freedumb & Demockery for All!

Revenue Stream is on the set list for my buddy Scott and I to perform at Tomorrow Night's (1/24/15) Songs of Protest Themed Open Mic and the Coffee House & Chestnut and Pine. but due to the overwhelming response of local talent to participate we will likely have to drop this song or my other song Bunker Buster Bomb (My President Talks with God), tough choice. So don't delay, listen NOW!

We WILL be performing my Badgered State Blues (Not From Here Anymore) regardless. Gonna be a blast, if you see this in time come out, you won't be disappointed!

Chords & Lyrics:

Revenue Stream

When I was young I took a look
Said I’m gonna rumble like a tumblin brook
Out of the hills, down to the sea
B9                                        C9  C#/Db9  D9  E9
See where I go, I’ll see what I be
I will gather in the latherin rain
For every drop I drain, two drops I will gain
But commercial man spoke, he broke that dream
             B9                                           G9   E
He said boy you ain’t nuthin but a revenue stream

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Vulture School Deception

Here is what the Education Profiteers front group School Choice Wisconsin pronounced last January regarding Vulture School Hope Christian School in Milwaukee:

One hundred percent of the senior class was accepted to college, and the students earned more than $1 million in grants and scholarships.

Yet here is what the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported in April 2014:

Wait this school is touted by the lobbyists as a success with 7% of 10th graders are proficient in math AND all the seniors are getting accepted to colleges? Something does NOT ADD UP!

What colleges? Universities? Public technical colleges? Private for-profit colleges? On-line colleges?

The JS article also notes that:

A growing number of taxpayer-funded private schools posted little to no data at all — either because parents chose or were encouraged to opt their children out of taking the state tests.
In the state's three voucher programs, 368 students did not take the exams because of parent opt-outs: that's 2.7% of the 13,601 students in tested grades at voucher schools.
Four private schools saw 100% of their taxpayer-funded voucher students opt out of the tests: Hillel Academyin Milwaukee, Sheboygan Area Lutheran and Sheboygan Christian, and St. Joseph Catholic School in Kenosha.
At Pius XI High School in Milwaukee, 102 of 107 voucher students opted out of the exams.
Only about 0.1% of public school students opted out of the exams, or 578 students statewide out of 432,594 students in tested grades.
Further evidence that The Last Thing the Vulture School proponents want is ACCOUNTABILITY through apples to apples comparisons with their superior public school student counterparts! 
No Funny Shtuff
Ve Vants Zeh Money Visconsin!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Songs of Protest Saturday Night with BAPsters!

This Saturday night at the Coffee at Chestnut & Pine, 492 N. Pine Street in Burlington there will a themed open mic night hosted by Jeff Peterson. The night will feature original compositions and standard songs of protest and social significance performed by local folks. The night will include performances by BAPsters Stephen Sullivan, Jacob Merseberger and your's truly, Sean Cranley.

The set list is below and includes a couple links where you can watch and/or listen to some of the selections. It's supposed to be warm Saturday, so come on out and join your neighbors in raising your voice and perhaps a glass and proclaim in the spirit of the great Dr. Tom Lehrer:

"Oh we are the folks song army
Every one of us cares
We all hate poverty, war and injustice
Unlike the rest of you squares" ;>

Songs of Protest

Saturday, January 24, 2015
6:30 – 9:00-45

Jeff Peterson
          Union Maid                                               Woody Guthrie
          Banks of Marble                                        Pete Seeger

Jerry Kuta
Eve of Destruction                                   Barry McGuire
If I Had A Hammer                                    Trini Lopez  version

Kevin Schwerdtfeger
          Fingertips                                                  Original Song!
          Kitty Cats                                                   Original Song!
          Halo Halo                                                   Original Song!

Reid Olsen
          Blowin’ In The Wind                                 Bob Dylan
          Thunder Road                                           Bruce Springsteen
          My Back Pages                                          Bob Dylan

Minneapolis Friend
          Song 1
          Song 2

Sean Cranley & Scott Streiff
          Badgered State Blues
Tim Mocarski
          Stand Your Ground                                   Original Song!
          I’ll Sleep Tomorrow                                  Original Song!
          Deportees                                                  Woody Guthrie

Jacob Merseberger     
          We Will Stand Here                                  Original Song!

Jennifer Eisenbart
          Where Have All the Flowers Gone?        Pete Seeger
          Sounds of Silence                                     Simon & Garfunkel

Edison Blake
          I am A Soldier
          Everything is Broken                                Dylan
          Fixin’ to Die Rag                                        Country Joe

Stephan Sullivan
          The Automation Song                              Phil Ochs
          The Power & the Glory                             Phil Ochs

Bob Wang
          Crow on the Cradle
          You Say the Battle is Over
          Peace Medley:    Arms are for Embracing
                                      Generations for Peace

Arlo Vande Vegte
          Universal Soldier                                      Buffy Ste. Marie
          Catch The Wind                                        Donovan

 Terry Murphy
          Revolution                                                 Beatles
          Talking ‘bout a Revolution                       Tracy Chapman
          For What Its Worth                                  Buffalo Springfield
Jim Lampe
          Rain On the Scarecrow                             Mellencamp

Tim Merkel
          OHIO                                                          CSNY
          War Makes War                                        John Gorka
          Kings & Fools                                            Original Song!

Mad Bark
          Signs                                                          5 Man Electrical Band
          Won't Get Fooled Again                          The Who
          Get up, Stand Up                                      Bob Marley

 Possible Group singalong
          Last night I had the strangest dream
          This Land is your Land

Monday, January 19, 2015

Vulture School Proponents Do NOT Want Accountability!

The last Four paragraphs of this Wisconsin State Journal article on school accountability bill from Jeremy Thiesfeldt, R-Fond du Lac speak volumes (the rest is good too): 
The DPI’s (Department of Public Instruction) Pertl told the committee that many times, charter schools are serving targeted populations of students and have fewer students with special needs than traditional schools, which could pose a problem for conversion.
Pertl also noted that having more than one test could harm the accuracy of the accountability system in comparing schools.
Jim Bender of voucher school lobbying group School Choice Wisconsin, however, said the use of multiple tests is strongly encouraged because the goal is to measure progress, not to compare schools.
Bender testified with Scott Jensen, a former member of the Assembly and currently the senior adviser to the American Federation for Children.
*Links and emphasis in article text above inserted by your's truly.

The last thing that the Vulture School proponents, want is accountability and apples to apples comparison with public schools because they know that the two plus decades long Vulture School experiment in Milwaukee has failed!

They want multiple tests to muddy the water and prevent transparency. And that right there should tell you pretty much all you need to on the subject, right from the horse's . . . well you know.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Through the Looking Glass - Malice in Dairyland

Health Uncare!

Despite a $2.2 billion dollar deficite after all our trouble and turmoil in The Badgered State, Vulture Vos says we should continue to turn down more federal funds in this long-time Donor state. Getting more money to give more Wisconsinites better healthcare coverage may be in the interests of the citizenry, but that is NOT who Sir Robin Shillsalot Represents.

Unfortunately, here in Wiscossippi too many folcks can't tell a "Rascal" from a hole in the ground. Our once proud heritage of progress, goodwill and clean government for the common good is being eroded by the likes of Vos and Wrong Way Walker, a fundamentalist interloper form Iowa. It's like we've fallen through the looking glass and to the "mercy" of Mad Hatters and the "Queen of Hearts". Malice-In-Dairyland, goodbye Wisconsin!

QUEEN of "Hearts"