Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hey Governor.  Want to make a quick boost to the economy?  Push to legalize same-sex marriage.  Washington state estimates that same sex marriage boosted spending in the state by 88 million dollars.  Iowa?  Somewhere between 12-13 million.  New York?  A whopping 259 million dollars. Not only would it generate a lot of revenue, but it would also give you credibility with the actual, real "not-just-in-name-only" libertarians out there and totally confuse your left wing opposition.  OK, I know that about 90% of those that call themselves "libertarians" really aren't, but it's a thought.  And think of how it will confuse us "liberals"  Call the Koch brothers and see what they think.  Since it won't affect their efforts to turn Wisconsin into a resource rich third-world nation, they probably won't care.

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