Thursday, April 18, 2013

100% of America’s Problem is Corruption at the Top

100% of America’s problem is corruption at the top

AND a population of voters that just doesn’t understand the connection between corporate profits and political bribes. And that they (the voters) pay them BOTH!

By Jack E. Lohman

Politicians have allowed our system to move from Left-Right to Up and Down… class warfare rather than Democrat v. Republican … because they get a piece of the action. From those at the top, not at the bottom. Cash works, but only for those who have it. We have a corrupt government and until the people get their eyes off the “little fires” and battle the leaches at the top, the corruption will continue. That Transparency International has us listed as 24th in political honesty in the world, rather than 1st, is telling.

Even doubling our wages, at this point, is NOT the answer. We’ll just send manufacturing jobs to some other country, because (please note … BECAUSE) the CEOs are allowed to!!! Not only do their corporations take a tax write-off for their $20 million salaries, but these high salaries and political bribes provide the incentive to screw the workers and public.

Don’t get me wrong.

I do NOT support $300K salaries for union bosses either. Or government bureaucrats with salaries 50% higher than the taxpayers who pay them, or those who grow government to protect and build their own job. As I’ve said before, even Scott Walker is not always wrong.

As a former union steward I view unions as a necessary evil, mainly because we have CEO and politician crooks seeking to depress wages to increase profits, which they share. They want in my (and my kid’s) pocket and they’ll do anything to make it happen. AND while some union bosses will sell out their members to keep it all cool, that’s an issue that the members themselves must correct.

We have problems in both public AND private.

I’m basically a free market type. Not a crony-market supporter, however. If the shareholders voted for a $20 million CEO, fine, but that’s not what is happening. The politicians have been paid cash bribes to establish rules that make CEOs and bankers and petroleum companies like little Gods, and they have earned every penny of their take. At taxpayer and consumer expense, mind you.

But now we have to get the VOTERS to recognize that this problem exists because WE ALLOW it to exist, and only a near-100% turnover in 2014 will fix it.

NONE of our nation’s disparities would exist if we had an honest political system. THIS is where our future fights must begin.


Nemo said...

While I agree strongly that government corruption is a huge problem, you have a bit of real disingenuous content in your post. If you did this as some sort of subtle irony, bravo! If not, shame (the metric you cite is not a measure of "political honesty in the world" but rather is "based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.". Perception can reflect reality but the two should not be confused with each other).

Sean Cranley said...

I'm sure that in Nemo's feverish mind he imagined he was making a point as he typed out the gobbletygook above, but if anyone can discern what it was you win a lollypop and chance at future beach front property on the Gulf of Mexico located near subtropical Memphis!