Monday, November 12, 2012

Ketterhagen's Snake Strangled Banner

The photograph above was taken on the observance of Veteran's Day, November 12, 2012 at the residence of local Teajadists Phillip and Bonnie Ketterhagen. They are flying their American flag upside-down presumably as their response to the Expressed Will of the American People last Tuesday when President Barack Obama was comfortably re-elected.

Maybe they could also try stamping their feet and holding their breath until our democracy is thwarted in their favor. I guess in certain circles it's only "Freedom" when YOU GET YOUR WAY!

But judging by the results of last Tuesday's re-election of President Obama, our first openly gay Senator Tammy "You're Damn Right" Baldwin, the rejection of Mitt's tripling down on the failed trickle-down voodoo economy and the "legitimate rape" agenda, the votes on gay marriage and other progressive victories, it seems the Ketterhagen's have the wrong flag inverted. The Stars and Stripes should be waving proud with the blue on top!

It is the co-opted flag of the venomous Tea Party that should be flapping head over heels. (or should I say, rattling-tail?) Demographics is destiny and the TP would do best to take their angry, old, out of touch, reactionary agenda and slither off into the grass (or should I say astroturf?) from whence they first reared their head.


kvannuland said...

To do this on Veteran's Day is completely disgusting! These people are disrespecting each and every service man and woman that has ever and will ever serve our country!

kay said...

Bonnie "Batshit" Ketterhagen is a retired teacher living at that home because of her teacher's retirement and she thinks teachers are overpaid and don't work enough and her hubby is now on the school work at stopping any investment in public education so they can save a few bucks on their real estate taxes -- then they do this on Veterans Day to boot. Pathetic and vile people.

squeeds said...

What is really a shame is those of us who ponder looking at other options for our business see something like this and think, "why would I want to do business with this person when they don't seem to care for the regular folk?"

Sean Cranley said...

One wonders if they stand on their heads while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

mrcrappie said...

The Ketterhagans are DISCUSTING! How patriotic to do this on Veterans day. Just think of how many soldiers gave their lives for these idiots to fly the flag upside down. That's the teaparty, if I don't know get my way I'll stamp my feet like a 2 year old. Mr. are a radical idealogical teabagging piece of sh*t! Good example you are to this community!

USAF Veteran and Firefighter

Sean Cranley said...

Tea Party School Board member Phil Ketterhagen's flying the American flag upside-down has made it on to the FRONT PAGE of today's Standard Press. He say's it was an accident. Yeah an accident, that's the ticket!

This story is also now on the Standard Press website with the opportunity to post comments:

Sean Cranley said...

This has now made it to the Racine Journal times where when called for an interview Mr. Ketterhagen refused to comment