Tuesday, April 02, 2013

WeeVoter Candidates Even Refuse Interviews

If you haven't yet had a chance, grab a copy of last week's Standard Press and read the sidebar on Page 6. It recounts the exhaustive attempts by the paper to get the WeeVote endorsed candidates to grant interviews to the paper and present their views and ideas of what they would like to do if elected to the BASD Board.

It was noted that candidates Larry Anderson and Jim Bousman readily agreed to participate, and their contemporaneous answers to the questions posed are included in last week's edition.

The WeeVote candidates on the other hand at first agreed to answer the same questions posed to the other responsive candidates, but only if presented to them in writing. The Standard Press agreed, but told the WeeVoters that they would have complete the process in approximately one hour as the responsive candidates had done. Even this was unacceptable to the WeeVoters as they began refusing to communicate with the Standard Press to confirm or deny their willingness to participate, even when offered a more generous response time, better suited to their . . . sensibilities.

Ultimately, to provide as much balance as possible the Standard Press had to resort to cobbling together previously available statements and published materials from the WeeVote candidates to present their positions in the newspaper and give the public as much information as possible so that they can make an informed decision as citizens when casting their precious votes in this important election. What a shame!

This refusal by the WeeVoters to stand up for what they believe in and express their values before the press and the public is now an entrenched pattern of behavior, not only in this election season, but in previous interaction with the local press:http://burlingtonareaprogressives.blogspot.com/2013/03/wevote-candidates-refuse-debate.html

I don't know about anyone else, but when someone won't meet my glance, look me in the eye, talk with me  and honestly answer questions I might have without requiring extra time to CRAFT and answer, I do not put my trust in that person. Integrity Matters!

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