Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mark Belling, of far right radio fame, recently referred to a member of the Milwaukee governing body as a "bitch".  Not the first time he's shown that he is incapable of expressing his views without using bathroom stall language.  Here's my letter I just sent to his boss at Clear Channel. Had someone at MSNBC said it about one of their right wing favorites, the far right would be screaming for blood.

It is my understanding that Mr. Belling referred to a a member of the Milwaukee governing body as a "bitch".  He may have danced around the borders a bit, but the implication was clear.  This, of course, was not the first time that Mr. Belling has shown his lack of ability to express his views without the use of offensive street language.  

Let me remind you, sir, that Clear Channel does not own the airwaves.  They are owned by US, the American people.  Your company merely leases space. 

I assume you pay Mr. Belling a very handsome salary.  For that, I assume that you have certain expectations.  One of those expectations I suppose I would have in your position would be that my on-air representatives would have the vocabulary to express themselves without feeling the need to resort to such terms.  

Because of his powerful position of holding the microphone, Mr. Belling represents both you and your company.  I know you run a disclaimer before his show, but that doesn't make my statement less true, in the same manner that the actions of a professional athlete reflects on his team or a politician reflects on his party or the action of a teacher or minister reflect on their entire profession.  He IS Clear channel to many, and I would be both shocked and disappointed if this was the image your company is eager to have.  

It's quite obvious that Mr. Belling is so limited in his vocabulary that he is unable to express his views in an appropriate manner, and just a matter of time before he has his Don-Imus-style "Nappy Headed Hos" moment that will result in him getting fired...and I assume those that allowed it to happen will be sent packing as well.  

I will be doing my research and will be forwarding this to your higher-ups when I can locate addresses to send it to. 

Thank you,

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