Thursday, April 11, 2013

Senator Soundbyte Rides Again!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Chamber of Commerce) is living proof that you can be dumb as a post and get elected if you have nice hair, a pretty, marry into money and stick to canned sentences no more than 10 words long. He's now among a dozen dip-schmidts in the Senate who threatened to filibuster ANY new arms control legislation including the expanded background checks favored by the vast majority of American citizens and which were at one time even acceptable to the Bloody NRA.

I hope he and his puppet-masters are ready to have their noses rubbed in blood like naughty dogs when the next Sandy Hook happens. Please read more at the Root River Siren blog:

And as long as we're on the subject of armaments, here are a couple more entertaining pieces on the rabid reaction of gun nuts to alder persons at Racine City Hall who feel threatened by . . . well rabid Gun nuts:

NOTE, I tried to post this to facefook today and include the link to the Root River Siren Blog and I got the following response from facefook: "The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:"

I believe it very likely that there are GOPlins engaged in illiberal skullduggery. Consequently I'm employing a way around this censorship so that this content can be uploaded to facefook and people of goodwill can share it freely and WIDELY. Please do, Nyah!


rootriversiren said...

Thank you for cross-posting Sean. It may take a couple of weeks for facebook to relent.

Sean Cranley said...

It's my pleasure, I won't be lured onto the rocks, but who can resist the Siren's call?