Monday, April 08, 2013

Chicken products vs. byproducts.

Andy Mitchell

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The Republican party--the party of small government, the party of the power of the individual to make their own decisions, the party of "keep government out of my medicare"--continues to serve people chicken crap and try to convince them it's chicken salad.  In Kansas, women that go to their doctor to discuss abortion will be read a script by their health care provider that is (1) mandated by the government and (2) false.  Here in Wisconsin, a doctor's written prescription that was discussed and agreed upon in the privacy of a closed exam room can be overruled at a crowded public counter if the pharmacist objects to distributing it.  That's right...if he objects to the medication and the use, he can legally refuse to give it to you.  And the list goes on.

The best, most rewarding teaching job I ever had was at a small alternative school in Milwaukee.  I knew when I took the job that I had 2 years to move there.  The city of Milwaukee is one of 2 cities in the nation that has a residency requirement. The problem was that our house wasn't selling.  So, another job came up, and I left rather than get fired in November when there are no teaching jobs to be had.  So I hate the residency requirement with all my being.

Now, presidential candidate (What?  You say he's also the governor?  When?)  Walker wants to end residency in Milwaukee.  My feelings on this ran in this order.  "YEAH!"  Followed within seconds with "Oh my.  I agree with Walker on something.  I think I'm going to throw up."  That feeling of ick lasted a few seconds and I suddenly went into emotion #3.  Disgust.  I hate the residency rule.  But it is MILWAUKEE'S rule.  Keeping it or getting rid of should be THEIR decision, not the decision of Scooter and his merry band of hayseeds that have a grudge against any place that has more than 3 stop lights.  Governor Alfred E. Newman and his band of bozos SAY they are for smaller government, but I have yet to see an example of it come out of Madison...or Topeka...or Montgomery...or Little Rock...or etc, etc, etc...

Maybe in the very near future, the masses will come to the realization that the chicken salad they have been eating is not all that tasty. I'll be there to welcome them when they do.

Thanks for listening.  


Sean Cranley said...

Well said Andy!

And how about Gubnah Scooter mandating that every local school district in the state use the softerware he dictates for tracking attendance, grades, etc? And he threw a Stevens Point company and it's employees and their JOBS under the school bus, in favor of an out of state provider while he was at it! It's all 'bout them jobs ya'll!

Yeah right, it's all about power and control! Local control? That was your grandfather's Republican Party.

Andy Mitchell said...

Sean, I'd love to see if there were any unexplained bank deposits in select accounts just before this decision was made. Or was it done just because so many schools use the other system and they just wanted another chance to stick it to them?

beowulf said...

"Governor Alfred E. Newman" How insulting to the MAD icon. And to say his administration is a band of bozo is equally insulting to one the the greatest clowns in history. Dear Alfred and Bozo exist for the entertainment of people everywhere. Scooter is just an idiot and is hardly entertaining.

Sean Cranley said...

Perhaps Grendle would be more to taste.

Andy Mitchell said...

Beowulf, I present to you the following evidence Fear of clowns is one of the most common phobias. As far a the Alfred E. Newman reference, I stand corrected.

Sean Cranley said...

And this is the party that is constantly trying to stick their nose in my wife's groin and those of my daughters and women everywhere and tell them what to do.

Talk about yer intrusive gubmint and lack of local control!

Sean Cranley said...

Speaking of scary clowns, we went to a bad movie party at our friend's house last weekend and saw Blood Harvest, staring Tiny Tim as Mervo the Marvelous. I like Tiny tim, but he's scary enough without the clown make up!

What's more bizzare is the film featured Lori Minetti, who I went to Racine Park High with.

What's even more bizzare is that Bill Rebane who wrote and directed the film, made 10 or more movies, plus shorts, all filmed in northern Wisconsin, AND he ran for governor in 2010. Now how the hell did I miss THAT!?


ksiyoto said...

I especially like the irony that the Republicans are the party of "local control".

Sean Cranley said...

Today's Wiscossippi Republicons already forced the corporate takeover of Milwaukee Area Technical College on the people of Milwaukee County.

Why would we expect anything less from these bastards on a statewide level?

My daughter is looking at going to Gateway. Most people are probably not aware that you have to file a "Petition" to get into many of their programs because they are at capacity and can't take anymore students after Gubnah Scooter slashed the tech college budgets by 1/3. a "Petition" is worse than a waiting line, because you have no idea where you stand, when you'll get in or even IF you'll get in. How are our young people supposed to plan their futures?

I'll have to ask Pat Robertson what Wisconsin has done to deserve having God visit these A$$holes upon us!