Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wrong Way Walker Attacks The Wisconsin Idea!

Wow WOW! If you didn't catch The Week In Review on the The Joy Cardin Show yesterday morning, I recommend listening on the audio archive. The show was pretty much exclusively about Wrong Way Walker's attack on the Univeristy of Wisconsin system. It was predictable that former Wis-Dem chair Joe Wineke for Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair would come out against it. What was particularly remarkable though was what John Sharpless had to say about how ignorant, destructive and expensive this particular act by The Great Divider will be.

THE WISCONSIN IDEA is literally under attack, by a corrupt fundamentalist interloper from Iowa and they can have him BACK!

Mr. Sharpless is a member of nearly extinct species, the rare and elusive Rationally Striped Moderate Republican and at one point he didn't just get angry, he got Fmr. Senator Dale Schultz angry and he went on a rant (his description). In summary and paraphase he told the I Stand With Stupid crowd: If you don't like living in a good state with good government, institutions and infrastructure MOVE TO ALABAMA!

Four years ago it was Greedy Teachers So now the "Bad People" are the folks at our great university system, the Enemy Du Jour for the Great Divider.
Just imagine who among us Walker would decide is "The Enemy" to his "heroship" were he to become president. He won't, but just imagine it, because that is his game, scapegoat people to make himself the "Hero" to the disgruntled so that he can Divide & Conquer. That's what jerks do, not leaders.

The whole - Professors need to work harder, teach more and only do research that will create jobs garbage appears to be his idea. Unfortunately he is clueless to the fact that basic research without obvious and immediate applications often leads to huge real world impacts with great economic benefits. That and the fact that NONE of the $1.2 BILLION dollars annually that support research in the UW-System comes from state taxes, in fact most of it comes from outside the state creating lots of jobs in the Badgered State. Robin's a lost cause, but I encourage folks to write their "representatives" anyway. If we can convince just a few, especially Senators in rural communities around the state that folks don't want to see their local UW campus' harmed and tuition go through the roof for their kids and grandchildren we can stop this thing. Heck, if the normally whacko Steven Nass R-Whitewater has come out with criticism against Walker's attack, saying "I don't trust the unelected Board of Regents to prioritize the plight of middle-class families," there is hope!

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