Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MacIver Admits It's the Poverty Stupid!

  • After a very entertaining weekend of tying the factless and feckless commentors on their Facebook page in knots, I actually got the MacIver Institute to admit that there is not one public school in Wisconsin that has a high-student-failure-rate, that does not also have a high concentration of students in Poverty. It's the Poverty Stupid!
    "MacIver Institute: Yep, you're right about brick and mortal schools. The lowest % of economically disadvantaged students in a failing school for 2014-15 was 56%."
  • The link to the MacIver piece is here and the string of comments where the Cult of Con adherents are unable to articulate why they believe what they believe and why they believe I am wrong follows:
  • Sean Cranley: More mythology. There is no such thing as a failing school. Schools don't take tests, or do assignments. It's students that fail and when students fail in high concentrations it's always due to high concentrations of poverty, ALWAYS! This truth is borne out by the fact that Milwaukee's Vulture Schools have failed for over two decades to make any improvement in student outcomes. Same students, same poverty, same associated social ills, same results. It's not failing schools, but rather High-Failure-Rate- Students.

    The problem will never be solved so long as we follow the failed mantra of "failing schools" and recognize and address the real problem. But it really isn't about the kids. I has always been about money and power and the decades long lust of the Waltons/Walton Foundation (Walmart) and the De Vos family's (scAmway) American Federation for Children to get at our tax money. CROOKS and SCOUNDRELS!
    • Tony Novinska So what you're saying is that systemic failure is not to be addressed? You are correct about one thing and even the President of the NEA Legal Counsel said, back in 2010, "This isn't about education and it's certainly not about the children. It's about power."

      So stop with the "My Soros is better than your Koch" divisive BS. 

      Accountability is not in the Liberal dictionary. Heaven forbid that something that goes against Unionista Propaganda EVER be considered.

      The status quo got us here. It's time to address the status quo. Directly.
    • Sean Cranley I said what? go read it again, this time with attention and comprehension.
    • Fred Bluhm Just because you say it doesn't make it true. I completely comprehend that!
    • Sean Cranley You're right Fred, I say it because it's true and I know that it's because I've looked into the matter. Now I've got challenge for you that I know you cannot accomplish and I doubt very much (similar past experience) that I will ever hear from again on the subject.

      A) Find me one high student failure rate school in The Badgered State that does NOT also have a high poverty rate.

      B) Develop an alternative theory for what causes high failure rate schools and correlate that cause with the exisiting high failure rate schools in Wiscossippi.

      C) Read the piece linked here and develop a reasoned and fact-based counter-argument:

      I've got the hand that can show that the mantra of "failing schools" is a myth. No actually, it's just a flat out lie. And I'm calling your bluff, put up or shut up. Accomplish one of the three things above and I will donate $50 to the non-political/religious charity of your choice. I won't hold my breath though, see ya in the funny papers.


    • Tony Novinska With your incessant Liberal Elitist faux intellect that actually sinks to the level intellectual dishonesty, it's hard to respond with my public school edu-macation and all.

      And we are to base a counter argument derived from "facts" from a progressive
       blog. Thanks for the challenge but you just proved it is YOU who is challenged. 

      Power and control. Oh and having tools like you completely under their control as well.


      "It's easier to dupe someone than to convince them they are duped." -- Albert Einstein
    • Sean Cranley Juist show me one high failure rate school in Wisconsin that does not also have a high poverty rate, just one. Or articulate and theory on an alternative cause for these high failure rate schools that coorelates with the schools that exhibit a high rate of failures. No one has done this so far, just a lot invective. Put up or shut up.

      Prove to me that you base your ideas on facts and not simply faith. Again, I won't hold me breath.
    • Sean Cranley Once again the Cult of Con loses by default! You can't win a debate on baseless faith.
    • MacIver Institute Hi Sean Cranley

      We know this wasn't directed at us, but we don't want to pass up a chance to send money to a good cause, so if you're willing to honor your word, Agrace Hospice Care could certainly use that $50.

      "A) Find me one high student failure rate school in The Badgered State that does NOT also have a high poverty rate."

      You are correct that the majority of the state's failing schools have very high poverty rates. There's no doubt that there's a connection between high rates of students that hail from poor backgrounds and low School Report Card scores. However, the connection is not exclusive.

      The eAchieve Academy of Wisconsin had a failing grade last school year. The percentage of economically disadvantaged students enrolled there was 4.3%. Here's where you can confirm that number:

      Please let us know when you get a chance to make that donation to a great cause here in Madison. Thanks., if Agrace isn't up to your liking, the Jimmy Fund is another great institution - albeit not a local one:

    • Fred Bluhm So what sean. "Trained" educators aren't trained to teach one type of student. St. Marcus in milwaukee is an excellent example of how it's possible. It's the liberal run largely public schools that are failures. I'm not reading your biased crap.
    • Tony Novinska Sean - if you truly believe that "baseless faith" makes up a family, you, once again, have proven my point. However, "baseless" and "faithless" are two hallmarks of Liberalism. At least you're true to that!

      And MacIver Institute - I'll donate, just 
      out of faith. Sean can call it baseless if he wants. It's his preorgative to do so. I highly doubt that he will donate because the word "grace" is in the title of the organization you suggested. "Grace" is tied to "faith". And "faith" is tied to a Diety that Sean will never accept, let alone understand. In conclusion, because I've wasted enough time and energy on him, if faith is baseless, then Sean, by default will not donate because that organization is baseless, in his myopic and, sigh - faithless little world.
    • Sean Cranley Mr. Novinska, I thought it would clear to anyone that I was NOT referring to religious faith at all, but rather ideological faith without any ability to articulate fact-based argument for one's beliefs. Apparently I over-estimated.

      MacIver Institute, 
      thank you for acknowledging the link between concentrated poverty and high student failure rate schools. It's encouraging to know that you have more intellectual integrity than your adherents here on this page.

      I agree that Agrace Hospice is a worthy charity and I will honor my pledge. However, what we are talking about here are brick and mortar public schools, not on-line websites. Show me a brick and mortar public school with a high-student-failure-rate that does not also have high concentrations of students in poverty.

      I don't know why the eAchieve Academy students failed, I see that they are accepting applications for tuition free enrollment, meaning that despite their failing students, these profiteers are still sucking off our tax dollars. That pathetic and disgusting.

    • MacIver Institute Yep, you're right about brick and mortal schools. The lowest % of economically disadvantaged students in a failing school for 2014-15 was 56%. 

      And we are in agreement that something needs to be done about eAchieve - and any school that chronically fails to improve student growth. Not just through an accountability bill, but by creating greater transparency so parents can better understand the schools they are sending their children to and the choices that exist to them - whether its a traditional public school in their neighborhood or elsewhere, an instrumentality or non-instrumentality charter, or a voucher school. All should be graded based on their ability to help children grow as students and become lifelong learners.
    • Sean Cranley I agree with the idea gauging progress, but I remain dubious of the idea that closing a school and shuffling the same kids with the same problems into a different building will reap much , if any improvement in their outcomes. The MPS schools are not the problem, they are symptom of much larger problems.

      Thank you for your consideration.

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