Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bunker Buster Bomb (My President Talks With God)

Back when we were being misled into the debacle in Iraq, the military started a program to build a mega bomb, which they called Divine Strake. It creeps me out that anyone could deem a bomb to be “divine” and thereby imagine they would wield the hand of God in ‘tamping” down their enemies. Around that time George W. Bush was asked if he had consulted his Father regarding the wisdom of toppling our erstwhile ally Saddam. And Bushyboy replied that no, he had consulted his higher Father, obviously implying that he has conferred with God. So I imagined what it might have been like if that reporter had pressed further on this father thing, discussing with Georgie Boy his conversation with God. I give you Bunker Buster Bomb (My President Talks With God). Swing it!

Our president talks with God ya’ll, our president talks with God
We’re so lucky in the USA cuz Jahovah gave George the nod
Now tell us now Mr. President when the whisper is in your ear
What great nuggets do you hear coming through so clear

Well I speak for God and the workin people
Let it ring from every steeple

He said
Build me a bunkerbuster bomb George, build me a bunkerbuster bomb
Vengeance is mine so sayeth I, or at least so says the psalm
Now you’re practically my right hand man there George my prodigal prodigal son
And I’ll be back when you’ve got it done to tell you who to drop it on.

Wait what about your pal pootipoo and that guy in China, Hu
Ya wanna start an arms race, what you s’pose they gonna do
My first response is bring’em on, my second God is great
God said to his children go forth proliferate

Now we know that you two are tight, oops sorry make that four
Tell us Georgie tell us true, now surely you’ve got more
What pure droplets of truth divine have you got in store
Germinating seeds in your brain from the lips of the Lord

Well I represent the brave and the free
But this is just between you and me

He told me
Start with lies to gin up war so we can get the profits rollin
And cycled back to your campaign, now baby you’ll be strollin
Serve the rich screw the poor they got dumpsters they’ve got crates
Dance with them what brung ya princes, powers and potentates

I call ya my base the haves and have mores
Let elitists reign from shore to shore

Now bushy boy ain’t you worried, you’ve condoned all sorts a torture
Don’t you think your after life could be a real scorcher
No no my name’s written in the book, so baby I’m off the hook
I can lie and kill, cheat and steal and pay no price for what I took

God said one thing in peculiar
Said make damn sure it’s nucular

And I’m
Building a bunkerbuster bombs lord lord, building bunkerbuster bombs
Vengeance is mine so sayeth I, hey looky no hands mom
Now I may be talking outta school, but I finally learned a lesson
Blowin shit real good is my true self expression

Well now I see the truth now plain as day
And so these grateful words I pray

Our president talks with God ya’ll, our president talks with God
We’re so lucky in the USA cuz Jahovah gave George the nod
Now in America it ain’t who you know or what you’re chanced at birth
But divine providence that determines your net worth.

Copyright Sean Cranley, November 7, 2005 and from everlasting to everlasting, amen.

5rd Fret

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