Friday, January 09, 2015

Scott Walker Endorses Socialism!

In a dig at Blow Hard Gubnah Chris Christie, a potential rival in Wrong Way Walker's Windmill tilting bid to be Merica's Divider-In-Chief, Scotty did a little hypocritical fun poking over the rotund one's awkard and ethically bankrupt embrace of Cowboy's owner and all-around . . . one percenter Jerry Jones. After all, it isn't like Walker would hesitate for a minute to get down on his knees and kiss the ring of any plutocrat willing to endow him with dollars and dub him Sir Shillsalot. And he certainly doesn't give a rip about regular citizens like the one pictured above.

 But when the Great Divider twittered in the lead up to Sunday's match between the Packer's and the Cowboy's on the frozen tundra: "This is the type of owner I'll be looking to hug after a #Packers win on Sunday":, refering to the photo above, he endorsed The People's Team ownership model, you know socialism. Well Shazam'n surprise, surprise, Walker gets one right for a change! And yes, hell IS freezing over here in the Badgered state.

Christie responded with, "don’t worry… there are enough awkward hugs to go around." One wonders if this duo of ethically challenged Gubnah's will pay their own freight this time, while they watch this matchup of two teams whose league is THE major league success of our time because it's a socialistic organization!

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