Friday, January 16, 2015

Through the Looking Glass - Malice in Dairyland

Health Uncare!

Despite a $2.2 billion dollar deficite after all our trouble and turmoil in The Badgered State, Vulture Vos says we should continue to turn down more federal funds in this long-time Donor state. Getting more money to give more Wisconsinites better healthcare coverage may be in the interests of the citizenry, but that is NOT who Sir Robin Shillsalot Represents.

Unfortunately, here in Wiscossippi too many folcks can't tell a "Rascal" from a hole in the ground. Our once proud heritage of progress, goodwill and clean government for the common good is being eroded by the likes of Vos and Wrong Way Walker, a fundamentalist interloper form Iowa. It's like we've fallen through the looking glass and to the "mercy" of Mad Hatters and the "Queen of Hearts". Malice-In-Dairyland, goodbye Wisconsin!

QUEEN of "Hearts"

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