Thursday, January 22, 2015

Vulture School Deception

Here is what the Education Profiteers front group School Choice Wisconsin pronounced last January regarding Vulture School Hope Christian School in Milwaukee:

One hundred percent of the senior class was accepted to college, and the students earned more than $1 million in grants and scholarships.

Yet here is what the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported in April 2014:

Wait this school is touted by the lobbyists as a success with 7% of 10th graders are proficient in math AND all the seniors are getting accepted to colleges? Something does NOT ADD UP!

What colleges? Universities? Public technical colleges? Private for-profit colleges? On-line colleges?

The JS article also notes that:

A growing number of taxpayer-funded private schools posted little to no data at all — either because parents chose or were encouraged to opt their children out of taking the state tests.
In the state's three voucher programs, 368 students did not take the exams because of parent opt-outs: that's 2.7% of the 13,601 students in tested grades at voucher schools.
Four private schools saw 100% of their taxpayer-funded voucher students opt out of the tests: Hillel Academyin Milwaukee, Sheboygan Area Lutheran and Sheboygan Christian, and St. Joseph Catholic School in Kenosha.
At Pius XI High School in Milwaukee, 102 of 107 voucher students opted out of the exams.
Only about 0.1% of public school students opted out of the exams, or 578 students statewide out of 432,594 students in tested grades.
Further evidence that The Last Thing the Vulture School proponents want is ACCOUNTABILITY through apples to apples comparisons with their superior public school student counterparts! 
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Ve Vants Zeh Money Visconsin!


Citizen Racine said...

What about St. Marcus in Milwaukee?? Look it up

Sean Cranley said...

Dear Anonymous,

I was promted to write this post, based on an exchange of comments with a conservative on a facebook post during which he braough up Hope school as an example of a successful vulture school, citing the claim of 100% college acceptance. However, when I presented the countervailing evidence he refused to modify his position based on the facts and furthermore, refused to persent any other 3rd party evidence to support his arguments and his positions, while I presented article after article from journalists and credible news sources to support mine.

Now you've come here with nine words and two sentences challenging my position and exhorting me to do your leg work for you.

So you've ONE school, just like the person that I referenced above. I ask you, would invest in a poorly performing mutual fund because of the marginal success of just one of the many stocks in that portfolio?

Now you go and do your own homework. Show me with credible sources that the one school you're citing is being compared to the public schools on an apples to apples basis. Here are a couple key questions that perhaps you can address:

1) Does St. Marcus include the same percentage of students with disabilities in it's student body as does the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). i'm going to venture to guess that the answer is "No" and by a substantial margin.

2) Supposing the students at this one school out perform on average their MPS counter-parts, do they out perform the students at all MPS schools at the same grade level? If not, how do account for the superior performance of the students at those MPS schools versus St. Marcus?

I await your reasoned and fact-based response to those questions and any other pertinent points that you would like to address with regard to St. Marcus/MPS student performance.

Citizen Racine said...

Here is a copy of there report card. I Doubt they have the same amount of student with disabilities but that is not the point. I'm not saying that they need to get rid of public schools for voucher schools. All I'm saying is not all voucher schools are bad. I think the big difference is that more of the parents of the students in voucher schools want to be involved in making sure their child receives a good education. Why does all voucher schools have to be bad? Why can't there be both public and voucher schools? Everything is not always so black white or good verses evil.
Then click on report card.

Sean Cranley said...

Here is a blog post by MPS Board Member that states the following: "17% of MPS eighth-graders test at proficiency. This means that by the Fall of eighth grade, MPS eighth-graders, on the average for 116 schools, are outperforming St. Marcus eighth graders."


"According to Tyson St Marcus has 730 students and 60 of them are special education students, which is 8.2%. How can they claim that they are open to all students when MPS enrolls 20% special education students?"

That is less than 1/2 the number of students with disability as the MPS schools and yet the results are the same, hardly a ringing endoresment of St. Marcus.

And the fact remains that MPS school students are significantly out performing the MPCP students, See table on page 2:

For improving student achievement, MPCP is a BAD investment of our public funds at best and a rip-off by educational profiteers at worst!