Monday, January 19, 2015

Vulture School Proponents Do NOT Want Accountability!

The last Four paragraphs of this Wisconsin State Journal article on school accountability bill from Jeremy Thiesfeldt, R-Fond du Lac speak volumes (the rest is good too): 
The DPI’s (Department of Public Instruction) Pertl told the committee that many times, charter schools are serving targeted populations of students and have fewer students with special needs than traditional schools, which could pose a problem for conversion.
Pertl also noted that having more than one test could harm the accuracy of the accountability system in comparing schools.
Jim Bender of voucher school lobbying group School Choice Wisconsin, however, said the use of multiple tests is strongly encouraged because the goal is to measure progress, not to compare schools.
Bender testified with Scott Jensen, a former member of the Assembly and currently the senior adviser to the American Federation for Children.
*Links and emphasis in article text above inserted by your's truly.

The last thing that the Vulture School proponents, want is accountability and apples to apples comparison with public schools because they know that the two plus decades long Vulture School experiment in Milwaukee has failed!

They want multiple tests to muddy the water and prevent transparency. And that right there should tell you pretty much all you need to on the subject, right from the horse's . . . well you know.

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