Thursday, December 18, 2014

Badgered State Blues (not from here anymore)

This is what happens when your misperceptions are swept away and you suddenly discover that the fellow citizens of your beloved Badger State are either half "Rascals" or don't know one from a hole in the ground.
Composed & Performed by Sean Cranley


Nemo said...

I most liked the faux rotoscoping a la A-ha's "Take on Me". I half expected a hand to come out of the picture on the wall and pull you in!

Merry Christmas Sean,


Sean Cranley said...

Thank you Nemo. This was my first foray into adding visual affects that are available in Windows Live Movie Maker, a far cry from the first "video" that I made for my song Thirsty Work, which was basically a Powerpoint slide with a picture and an MP3 pasted in and uploaded to my Youtube channel:

Merry Christmas to you and yours,