Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pimped My Ride for the Koch Ho!

I pimped my ride in "honor" of the Koch Ho, Wrong Way Walker

I was always proud to be from Wisconsin and I believed I lived in a special state with a great heritage forged by a people with vision and a shared sense of fair play and goodwill. Those illusions have been shattered as I watch 150-plus years of that great heritage being swept away in the blink of an eye by a bunch of reactionaries lead by a corrupt fundamentalist interloper from Iowa and I realize that so many in the dairy state no longer know a rascal from a hole in the ground. And now our university system, the very embodiment of The Wisconsin Idea is under attack. SHAME!

Budget Bottom Line: Wrong Way Walker created a deficit with tax breaks for the wealthy that failed to spur the economy as advertised and now he's Whacking Wisconsin's Seniors, Students, Scientists, Disabled Citizens, Workers and OurEnvironment to fix the problem he created.

Our Once Present Future No Longer Exists - Thanks to the Koch Ho!

Plutocrats from far beyond our borders
Hand our “representers” dollar drenched marching orders
It ain’t no damned democracy when it’s been purchased
And that’s our now present future do you get the gist

They’ve repeatedly sinned and refuse to repent
The Federated Brotherhood of the One Percent
We’ve got to wrest the power from their wrist
And make these now present rulers no longer exist

Our once present future no longer exists
If you love your freedom you’re damn right to be pissed
Raise your arm up topped with a fist
Declare this now present future must never persist

$1 billion for the Koch Ho in 2016
To grease the gearbox of their malignant money machine
These traitors are slow-motion terrorists
They’ll make your freewill of the future no longer exist

All for one, one for all, that stuff’s in the past
E pluribus pluribus, united my @$$!
This Demockery people we must resist
These now present ruler’s rings must never be kissed

The once present future no longer exists
Nobody’s quite certain of what it consists
And while for many the memory fades in the mist
In my mind its eerie echoes persist

Sean Cranley – With credit to Andy Mitchell for the great term Federated Brotherhood of the One Percent. Thanks Andy!

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