Friday, February 06, 2015

Wrong Way Walker's Whack at the "W"

Gubnah Walker: I'll teach ya's all to favor book larnin'!

Next Saturday is Valentine's day. We should all be in Madison to show our love for the UW-System, The Wisconsin Idea, the Badgered State's Proud Heritage and epsecially our "love" for Wrong Way Walker!


Sean Cranley said...

I'm sensing a real vulnerability here for Scott Walker, he's finally gone too far. I saw a post from a friend this morning that claimed to have heard from a reliable source that Republicons in the legislature are totally, but quietly pissed at Scott Walker for, without consulting them, putting this extreme budget out there that is totally crafted with his personal political ambitions for the Whitehouse in mind and they are being forced to defend it. Can't confirm that, but it totally makes sense, especially in light of comment made by GOPsters Robin Vos and Steven Nass. Let the feathers fly!

Sean Cranley said...

Budget Bottom Line: Wrong Way Walker created a deficit with tax breaks for the wealthy that failed to spur the economy as advertised and now he's Whacking Wisconsin's Seniors, Students, Scientists, Disabled, Workers and Our Environment to fix the problem he created. BAD DOG!