Thursday, February 05, 2015

Wrong Way Walker IS a Drafting Error!

Wrong Way Walker says his attack on the Wisconsin Idea was a drafting error. BULL!
If you believe that you were probably foolish enough to vote for the jerk. Talk about a Drafting Error!

And if anyone can make any sense out of this desparate back peddling from The Great Divider in the explanation that follows from the article above you're more prescient than I. Bottom line, he got caught in one of his numerous attacks on Wisconsin's heritage, blinked, opened his mouth and the nonsensical lies issued forth!

EXCERPT: "My understanding – my mistake yesterday when I was first asked, I thought the question when I was in De Pere was about adding that. Obviously, we learned later it was about when they took it out. Then I mentioned in Oconomowoc we had run it past the UW staff. We had. But as Eric Schutt my chief of staff mentioned last night when talking to them, they said at the tail end they had actually brought it up. So with all deference to them they did review it and raise the concern about it. The drafting part of the concern part, was on the policy team, the budget team, on other parts of the budget our office had communicated that we had got to the point where we needed to wrap it up and we weren't adding more things. That was really directed at more fiscal, other small items, and they took that as meaning we weren't going to make that change. So that's where the drafting – not in terms of the drafting attorneys, but in terms of how it was drafted."

"Real simple: throughout this process my discussions with the budget team, it was as simple as, the only discussion we ever had about mission was maybe about adding something about career development. We didn't ever talk with my budget team about altering the Wisconsin Idea," Walker said.

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