Saturday, February 21, 2015

RTWFL - Billionaire Ca$hing in on Shill Game!

Billionaire Bitch Diane Hendricks is practically ready to Suck the Shill's cock to get Right-to-Work for Less (see video) in Wisconsin. Is $he afraid that someone is going to make her join a union?

Hell no! 

$he has given millions of dollars to the A$$hole Wrong Way Walker and his Republicon dingle berries as principle for her investment and it's Paying Off this Plutocrat. Follow the Money.

$he wants More Money and More Power. And guess who she's going to take it from!

fALEC, the fascist American Legislative Exchange Council. Sticking it to The People!

You can take the whole damn state and shove it right up yourrrrrr
Gonna regret the stage you've set
Them chickens ain't back home roostin' yet
And I don't feel like I'm from here anymore.

Why do we need to pay and elect "representatives" when global corporations are writing our in secret to rule us all?

Freedumb & Demockery!

Yours Truly,

Sean Cranley​ - CorpSerf ID IMNFD1-OURFD2 

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