Monday, February 23, 2015

Cram the Capitol! - 7 Reasons Why We Need to Gather at Our House Again

The RTW4lessssssssss Blitz Gesetz (Lightning Law) has sparked the move to Gather Again at The Badgered State's Capitol building (Our House!) this Tuesday and Wednesday. I want to explain why I believe we should go and Stand en mass!

Disclosure: I am not now, nor have I ever been a public employee or a union member. However I know that all of us benefit directly and/or indirectly from good public servants and workers who are treated fairly and compensated through pay and benefits that allow them to live and raise a family in a solid and secure manner, meeting their needs for decent food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, retirement and the pursuit of happiness. I will come back to this later.

Reason to Stand #1: Walker's Belligerent Budget. Wrong Way Walker, his disgusting budget priorities and his conceit that he has what it takes to be a decent president for all Americans is the primary reason that we need to show Wisconsin and the Nation what an Asshole Scott Walker and his enablers in the Gerrymandered, fALEC enthralled Republicon Ruled body that passes for "representatives" of The People in this current perversion of the American "Republic" are. 150 years of our proud heritage are being swept away in the blink of an eye by this corrupt, fundamentalist, southern baptist, interloper from Iowa who wants to turn us into Wiscossippi. His current budget provides the worst values that he's expressed yet! Anything "Public" is under attack by these people!

Four years ago it was Greedy Teachers that were public enemy number one. This time it's the good and learned folks at our great UW-System that are the Enemy Du Jour for the Great Divider. His "Heroship" needs an enemy to scapegoat for the disgruntled GOPster masses, so that he can Divide and Conquer.

Budgets are moral documents, setting priorities for what and who matters and what and who do not in the eyes of the crafters. I'm not going to go into details, if your're paying attention it isn't necessary, if you're not, you won't see this and/or you're the problem. I don't have the time or the patience to address the depth and breadth of the depravity that Walker's immorality is going to impose on us. Yes I said "going to". These people are assholes. They only care about three things, money, power and themselves, they are Money-God Worshipers. They WILL impose their Rule upon us all for the time being.

They don't give a rat's ass about what half the people of Wisconsin want or believe. They won by a couple percentage points and to them that's the Key to their Kingdom. They will do what they are going to do regardless. But it is critical that we Stand.

Please note that: "Go Big, Go Bold" is Shillful Ignorance at best. Walker fears to show his face in Public anywhere in the Badgered State and has done nothing that isn't straight out of the playbook of his Corporate Sponsors!

Reason to Stand #2: This is NOT Who We Are! Like most of you, I was always very proud to be from Wisconsin.

I was proud to be a Wisco Kid you see
We were the Laboratory of Democracy
With goodwill, progress, a government clean and pure
But Corrupticons have come to Rule
With Felons and Cronies in a big Cesspool
And I don feel like I'm from here anymore

I believed I lived in a special state with a great heritage, forged by a people with vision and a shared sense of fair play and goodwill. Those illusions have been shattered in the last four years and the last four weeks. I realize that, at present, so many of my neighbors can't tell a "Rascal" from a Hole in the Ground. People of goodwill do not shove their radical agenda down their neighbor's throats. In the Wisconsin that I grew up in that would be considered impolite. There is nothing Civil about how these Assholes have Behaved or what they've done with their Divide & Conquer tactics!

The very Wisconsin Idea has been attacked, Intentionally, along with our UW System, our K12 education system, our seniors, our disabled neighbors, our land, our parks, our water, our air, our scientists, and our workers.This is NOT who we are or who we should be!

Reason to Stand #3: It's Fun and Wonderful! If you were there in 2011, you know what I mean! And you know that the bullshit GOPropaganda about tons of "thugs" from out of state was just that, BULLSHIT! In their world Koch$ucking for out-of-state Dollars is the Murican Way! But a very few real people from elsewhere coming to support their Brothers is anathema and must be exploited for PR with FuxSnooze Palm Trees.

If you missed it, now's your chance to feel the experience. Standing shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors in peaceful common cause for what is Just and what is Right is a profoundly uplifting experience! Bring a cowbell, tambourine, a trumpet, a drum, step in time and chant Ho Hey Ho, Scott Walker's a Corporate Ho!    He totally is.

Reason to Stand #4: The only thing Evil needs to succeed is for Good Folks to do Nothing:
Scott Walker and his WisconRepublicons are Bullies. And Bullies need to be stood up to. If you stay at home and sit on your hands, you'll have no basis for any gestures you might feel appropriate for those in the driver's seat.

Reason to Stand #5: The Great Divider is a Great Mistake, a Drafting Error in the Utmost. Wrong Way Walker will go down with Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) as one of the two greatest mistakes ever to arise from the land between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi. It's just a matter of time. We're gonna regret the stage they've set, Them chickens ain't back home roostin' yet, Now's the time to show that you knew that before . . .

Reason to Stand #6: They are Obviously Not Unintimidated: The GOPsters are feverishly trying to ram this bill through as fast as they can, before the public has time to react and before protesters can gather and make a scene. Also, the word is that legislators need to bring their IDs to get into Our Building, so it appears they plan to act Illegally and Lock Us Out like the the Chicken $hit Weasels that they are!

Reason to Stand #7: Right To Work For Less is Wrong for Wisconsin: Billionaire Bitch and Malignant Money Machine Mogul Diane Hendricks didn't fawn over Scotty because she was afraid someone would Make Her Join a Union. No, she wants mo money and mo power and guess who the Koch Ho is going to let her extract it from!

Folks from private sector labor unions from across Wisconsin came to our Capitol in early 2011 and supported the public teachers and employees when they were under attack. Now it's time we have their back.

Furthermore, this Chicken$hit not only excluded the unions of police and fire professionals from Act 10 in 2011, because he feared their wrath, he also just negotiated a 17% raise for the State (Imperial) Troopers Union for the current 2015 budget. I'm sure they deserve it! But are we to believe this is supposed to be fair because they haven't had a raise since 2009!? Whilst we whack all other workers and everything else that is true and dear to folks who bleed Red & White, Green & Gold!

Come to the Capitol! Come and Stand. Come and show who we are and what we should be and who they are what they should NOT be! STAND in opposition to their rudeness. STAND against their radical Un-Wisconsin and Un-American Corporate Written Agenda and Tactics. STAND against their Twisted "Values". STAND against the Money-God Worshiping Piggies. STAND for the Wisconsin you've known and Loved. STAND against Freedumb & Demockery.


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