Friday, February 18, 2011

REPEAT - Rally for Rights in Racine Today! (Friday) Monument Square 4PM

Progressivism or plutocracy! Play it again Sam!

Democrats with real gumption?! Salute the Senate Dems, may there be more where that came from!

Walker's blitz on working people goes way beyond public employees. This NOT about temporary concessions to get through a crisis, it is about plutocracy vs democracy. It'll be the police and firefighters next and then the private sector unions, etc., etc, Waging a War on Working People.

A coordinated attack was launched last Friday with Walker's pronouncement that he would end a 70 year tradition of collective bargaining for Wisconsin's public servants. On the very same day the Club for Growths began airing TV ads attacking public employees and urging support for Walker's power grab. That is NO ACCIDENT!

This is about money taking power. The Koch Bros have come to town, OUR government in the bathtub to drown!

There is another rally TODAY at Monument Square in Racine today (Fri 2/18) at 4:00 PM. Be There at the Square! Despite the balmy weather there's a corporate shill in the air!

I am not, nor is anyone in my family a public employee or even a union member. But this is just another, albeit more egregious example, in a long line of assaults on the middle-class by our would be plutocratic overlords and their Republicon thugs. This, like the equally unnecessary voter ID bill is completely politically motivated and designed to weaken democracy and move toward one party rule. If it works it will go WAY beyond public employees and WAY beyond Wisconsin.

Walker has invented this crisis at pretext for his blitz on workers. On Jan 31 the Legislative Fiscal Bureau reported that Wisconsin would end the budget year with a $121.4 million positive balance.

Two weeks later, after Walker pushed through $140 million in new spending and tax cuts for his cronies he's claiming we have a $138 million deficit. Walker is liar. And he won't stop there. He and his radical allies will not be happy until they can proudly say:

Tax cuts for the rich!
Sacrifices for the middle class!
Death panels for the poor!

Stand up today so that tomorrow we needn't say "Welcome to Walker's Wiscossippi!

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