Friday, February 25, 2011

It's the Disparity Stupid / Plutocracy Now

Look at these graphs: It's the Disparity, Stupid.

Do not however, read this article: Plutocracy Now: What Wisconsin is Really About.

It's just too damn depressing for our democracy. I'll go to Madison Saturday, because if I'm going down, I might as well be swinging against plutocracy. But if Madison isn't a water shed, then I fear democracy is dead.

You'd think actual proof of the sell out of your democracy by the Koch Whores to the big money guys would wake most people up. But the FuxSnooze.

The Repubicons say they're so concerned about the debt, though they caused it and their continued actions speak otherwise.What's maddening is that the middle class people are supposed to sacrifice (if ya want blood don't look to turnips) but we dare not even think about asking the mega rich people to kick in more to solve the debt problems, because both parties serve them alone. They alone possess the money that is key to the TV ads, which are most sacred to all who would "serve the public".

What the GOPsters have succeeded in doing again is what they are SO good at; pitting different sectors (public/private) of the poor, working and middle classes against one another to fight over the remnant crumbs while the top 1% who possess more wealth than the bottom 90% combined, laugh all the way to their bailed out banksters and tell the politicians they sponsor that they need even more! It's a disgusting, vile situation in America today! Democracy my ass.

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