Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Mr. Lincoln, the Irony!

Indiana Dems Flee to Illinois as former Party of Lincoln cries foul! On December 5, 1840 State Legislator Abraham Lincoln jumped from a 2nd story window to deny the Illinois House a . . . QUORUM!



Richard said...

Actually, Lincoln's intention was to prevent a vote that would require the State Bank of Illinois to pay its debts in gold or silver, a law proposed and supported by the democrats, in accordance with the views of former president Jackson. It is ironic that a progressive would invoke this event, in which Lincoln was carrying water for big money interests at the expense of the little guy, to justify the current tactics of the democrats in Illinois, who, like Lincoln, have become beholden to a modern day big money interest in the form of the public unions.

The charge is that if you are against the Wisconsin democrats the who are against Lincoln,blah blah blah.. Well an intellectually honest progressive might have a problem with Lincoln on this one.

Richard said...

Should have said democrats in Wisconsin