Monday, February 14, 2011

Action Alert Worker's Rights & the Budget Repair Bill

Many of you are already aware that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has planned legislation that will strip state workers of their right to collective bargaining.

Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold released the following statement:

"Governor Walker’s request to the State Legislature to eliminate nearly all of the collective-bargaining rights for thousands of Wisconsin workers is big government at its worst. No private employer can do what the governor proposes, nor should it. For decades, Wisconsin has protected the rights of workers to collectively bargain with their employer on wages, benefits, workplace rules, and many other aspects of their employment. The governor is wrong to suggest that public workers are responsible for the state’s budget woes, and he is wrong to use that bogus excuse to strip them of rights that millions of other American workers have."

There are a number of things you can do:

There are buses going to Madison on Tuesday and Wednesday.
These buses are headed to rallies at the Capital. The buses will be leaving the park and ride at Highway 11 and I-94 at 7am. The rallies are planned for noon. The buses WILL be returning each day. If you want to be part of this and want to be on the bus please RSVP to Meg at

There will be marching and rallying in Racine on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm at the Racine Unified Central Office. That's at 2200 Northwestern Ave. Just show up and be supportive.

Call, email, or fax State Senator Van Wanggaard and tell him to vote against this proposal.
~His office phone number is 608 266 1832, or 866 615 7510.
His mailbox is full now, but try again on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and
~His email address is
Send him an email right now and tell him that you do not want Wisconsin union
workers to have their rights taken away.
~His fax number is 608 282 3561. Send a fax telling him how you feel about what
Gov Walker is trying to do to your friends, relatives and neighbors.

Call the legislative hotline and tell your State Senator that you oppose this bill. That number is 877 753 5578.

Help make phone calls telling other people to call, email, or fax. There will be phone banks set up at the Labor Hall in Racine at 1840 Sycamore (across from
Skatetown). Calling will start tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am. If you can join in, RSVP to Meg at just show up. (You WILL need to bring your own cell phone to use,as we do not have phone lines set up. Make sure you have free minutes on Sundays.)
One or all actions will make a difference. Please join your friends, family and neighbors in Wisconsin who will be affected by this legislation!


Nemo said...

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