Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to Wiscossippi Walmart Elementary School #213

Stop SB 22, the privatization of our public Schools. Public education should be in the interest of the public good, not for private profit, it should benefit children and communities, not corporations!

More Republicon Power Grabbing for the Plutocrats. If you thought the budget dispair bill which stripped $1B from K-12 education (While increasing the transfer to the road builder lobby by $5B) was bad, IT ONLY GETS WORSE! In summary, SB 22:
  • Creates a 9-person authorizing board for charter schools: 4 appointed by the Gubner, 3 by the senate majority leader and 3 by the speaker of the assembly (who know, Wanker and the Fitzfuckheads). This limits legislative oversight and hands decision making power over to Wanker's cronies.

  • Changes the law limiting organizations to opening only one charter school, allowing for profit Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) to enter Wisconsin, leading franchized schools.

  • Removes the requirement for teachers at charter schools to have achieved certification.

  • Lifts cap on and promotes virtual (online) schools.

By the way, there is NO EVIDENCE that charter schools do a better job at educating young people. So what are the ramifications if this bill is passed?

  • Public tax dollars will be siphoned to the clutches of private hands and away from local communities.

  • Traditional public schools become further strapped for funds.

  • The power of locally elected school boards will be decreased.

  • Segregation of the school age population will increase.

  • "Difficult" students will be pushed out of charter schools and into under-resourced public schools.

  • Increased reliance on teaching to the test.

  • Low educator compensation and moral.

  • High educator turnover.

  • Destruction of the one institution that pulls many communities together.

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Nemo said...

The weakness of your posts seem to be directly proportional to the amount of pejoratives that pepper the screed. Not a lot of strength in this beauty. The purpose of public education is educating the public. Period. If the private sector can do it just as well with less resources it's a very simple choice. You might want to avoid any wandering Jedi, the force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded. Heh.