Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GOP$ter Protest this Friday - Racine Marriott

Friday evening (3/25/11) the Racine County GOPsters will host their annual Lincoln Dinner Fundraiser at the Racine Marriott. As if Honest Abe would have anything to do with these liars, crooks and corporate sell-outs! The keynote speaker is Georgia radio talk-show host and Presidential hopeful Herman Cain Go figure, a wingnut talk show host as President. I think that'd be about the last straw for America.

Invited guests include Scott Walker, Ron Johnson & JB Van Hollen. Cocktales @ 5:30, piggies to the trough @ 6:30.

The Friday visibility protest at Hwys 20 & 31 is moving west to make sure all GOP members get a good view of the energy they have inspired. Please be at the Case High School parking lot around 4pm. Think of a clever sign or bring a noise maker! And of course, dress for the weather. Bring every person you know - because the press will be there, and a good showing is key!

Also, "like" Racine Solidarity on Facebook: The place to find out about anti-Wanker Events in the Racine, Kenosha and Walworth CO. areas. And please pass the word on to others you know in the area.

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